Robert Malone said here (this is his Twitter) that those of us who do not believe in vaccines are the most gullible on earth; para "I would manipulate anti-vaxxers for fame and fortune, notoriety, if

by Paul Alexander

ever in position of influence"; 1st, we are against THIS unsafe mRNA technology COVID shot; 2nd, am I or Robert Kennedy, gullibles you refer to? Del? McCullough? Is this MASS FORMATION? I am confused?

My question is very simple to Dr. Malone: the Freedom Movement, the so called ‘anti-vaxxers’ against the COVID gene shots, allowed you into their family and movement that they formed, formed by persons such as Dr. McCullough and Dr. Risch and myself. Did you manipulate us? Have you been fooling us and as you say, manipulating us for fame, during the COVID era, due to our anti-vaxxer stance? Manipulating us meant defrauding us? Why? Were we that easy to manipulate to gain fame, were we that gullible as you sate?

Is it fair to ask if Dr. Malone is presently manipulating us, COVID anti-vaxxers, within this COVID era? Those who question the COVID gene injection? I function too as an investigative journalist seeking answers and so I ask, is the tweet by Malone below true? It came from him as it seems. Should we accept it is his? Could someone put out a fake tweet as if it were him? I know people today are capable of devious things using IT. Who knows what they do with my IT and media too or yours? Yet I am trying to deal with the substance of this tween below. It sure seems so that it is true and if as it seems, it is incredible and raises many difficult questions. Dr. Malone must clarify this. AS to authenticity. It is written August 19th, 2019. Yet again did someone highjack his twitter? Meaning it is not him? Or is this him, did he actually write this?

Yet allow me to opine as if this were true and I have no reason to think otherwise as it states that it is written by Malone. If you know otherwise, please share with me. I am hoping that he did not write this tweet.

Has he come forward in any way about this tweet? If this is fake or some fraud person putting this out against him, then that is bad (and wrong) and we have to find a way to ensure that what is in media is accurate and true yet how do we do this as the media and IT is a cesspool of filth and lies. Look at Wikipedia as an example. So I wanted to say up front that there is a chance as with everything that most of what we read now is NOT true. But let us assume this is true and written by Malone.

So then allow me to ask this to Dr. Malone: is Robert Kennedy, or Del, ‘gullible’ and ‘easy to manipulate’? Is this who Malone meant in 2019? Are these the people you meant that as is now, in the COVID injection era, to manipulate? Have they been manipulated by you Dr. Malone? Who is doing the manipulation? Is it you Dr. Malone? I think these are smart passionate high-quality folk, yet were they, were we, manipulated? If so, how? They are the purest ‘anti-vaxxers’ around (Del, Kennedy etc.) and certainly for the COVID gene injection, yet for most vaccines or shots. Rightfully they question the lack of safety and the lies by pharma and vax makers for decades. Yet did you manipulate them? Did you Dr. Malone, refer to these people?

I am very confused by Dr. Malone’s statement in this Tweet. I sure hope this is a punk tweet.


It is very confusing and actually very troubling for IMO, it even smacks of MASS FORMATION Dr. Malone spoke of and seemingly was imposed upon us as per his own words; in other words, what he said the masses were subjected to, has this been done to us now in COVID? Is it via him? Did he? Who? I am confused. Did he manipulate all who support and follow him? Because we were stupid and moronic and gullible as he would put it para??? Easy to fool? Gullible? Gullible just because we question safety and efficacy of vaccines? Of a safety-untested gene injection? He is manipulating the people because they question the COVID gene injections now? I want to not believe he meant us. Yet did he?

Well, he said he would in his tweet, he said clearly that he would manipulate people to gain fame. And he has gotten that when he arrived on the Freedom Fighter scene claiming para ‘I invented the mRNA technology’ and people were intrigued and poured money and attention thinking what would follow is para ‘and here is how it works and here is how we could turn off the deadly aspects and here is what I will do to help accomplish this etc.’

Yes, I know we got none of that, NONE of it, but this tweet below is very surprising and troubling all at once and I am asking Dr. Malone to explain this please. Each word and line that he used. The population needs to know if he himself said this in the tweet and why, and was he working a MASS FORMATION psychosis??? on them? Does he know who did then? One can sure argue that is the case, given Malone said he can manipulate them, alike MASS FORMATION. Look, I find all of this just incredible. Concerning, and I may need to take a drink to digest this.

Incredible as it sounds, when you read that tweet, is Dr. Malone manipulating people deliberately since he thinks in their pain and confusion over the injection, and in this case the COVID gene injection, they are ‘gullible’ and stupid? I mean and again, he said it, not me. He has to explain this for it is confusing. I hope we are reading it wrong. We may well be. I mean it is stunning he would make this statement.

So has he actually manipulated people now re COVID, to gain notoriety? I hope not. He said he could and would, manipulate people who question vaccines. This really is a massive number of us today. Hundreds of millions who did not take the shot. Those who have not taken the shot or who have taken and now regret, those harmed, families of those killed etc.

So he thinks by this tweet below, that because we ask questions about the vaccine, any vaccine, or even drug or device (potentially), that we are easy to manipulate and thus, is he manipulating us now? Is the MASS FORMATION he said we were under, actually imposed by him? Some form of it? MASS FORMATION ‘lite’? Is he part of that MASS FORMATION manipulation? Is he an expert at it? Is that real? Did he tell us about something that he himself was doing? I am confused. I need this cleared up, the tweet, what it means, all of it. Is this what Dr. Peter Breggin was trying to say when he questioned Malone? My God if Breggin saw this tweet too (earlier) he may have been confused as to Malone’s intentions or what exactly he was doing in the COVID arena (the Freedom Fighters), and may well have been very concerned too. I now am getting it even better, a clearer picture of the questions Breggins may have had if they saw that Malone tweet. Breggin was trying to warn us too? Was this it too? Did Dr. Breggin see this tweet and did it inform him? I think this would have been a tweet Breggin should see, don’t you? Did Desmit see this tweet too?

In all of my confusion to wrap my mind around this tweet below, I thus kindly and respectfully call on Mr. Jan Jekielek of EPOCH Times to interview Dr. Malone, and urgently, and ask him the series of troubling questions I asked in a prior substack as per Dr. Katalin Kariko that she has raised, and this tweet by Dr. Malone below, to help clear it up. I have interviewed with Jan many times, a very nice principled man and I like him much. I really appreciate his goodness. I think one of the few sincere genuine people out there.

At the same time, do not bother about the Breggins, Jan, EPOCH’S constant accumulated silence tells me and us where they stand. Another time, era, EPOCH would have rushed the story on the Breggins and interviewed them to understand the veracity and details. But not today. Sides are drawn up. IMO, in all my support of you and actual love and respect, it is unacceptable from journalistic standards that you at EPOCH, not one of the journalists at EPOCH, have interviewed the Breggins. It is as if you seek only one side of the Malone-Breggins story. If you are ‘journalists’, then this is a failure and now I realize what EPOCH is doing is NOT journalism. At this time. And no one is to do your work for you. You investigate.

Truth be told, I was caught up in it too, I confess, I loved the EPOCH interviews, I loved them, I thought it was actual journalism, investigative, but I know today it is not journalism. It is near story telling (save for Zach Steiber, I find him legit, we speak many times). A one-sided narrative. And because it told my narrative I went along. Now I know that is wrong and unfair to the listener. But OK. You have another ask though my Sir. From me. I am no one and very small, I know. In the scheme of things. But I ask for your consideration.

I ask your consideration Jan, with deep admiration and respect. Humbly.

Just these two for now Jan, thanks much, the Kariko’s questions from my prior substack especially what Dr. Malone meant by para ‘this will not end well’…, you must ask him on the record, ‘was this a threat to Kariko’? and if so, why? I think Kariko is a devil and must be investigated and held accountable for the deaths her work brought, for she too was involved in mRNA technology. They all are devils who brought this mRNA technology. But the exchanges between her and Malone are fascinating and troubling. And if you are a journalist, you must investigate and ask these questions.

And the tweet below by Malone. I trust your intelligence and always felt you are not corrupted and sold out like the majority of media, certainly the sold out Freedom Fighter media (save Wolf and Del and Kennedy, some of his folk at CHD) and that you are above the rest, I really do, above the putrid, fecal, banal, vapid, bottom-dweller legacy media and even Freedom Fighter media. EPOCH I felt is upper crust and I still wish to believe this. I still think ‘you’ are cut of a different cloth and of quality (especially your wife’s media outfit which has several times interviewed me and actually, she operates as a ‘real’ journalist) and you will get EPOCH back on track. So over to you Jan. Each word and sentence in that tweet by Malone below needs unpacking.

I can help you interview Dr. Malone if it will help and better yet, not me, how about we ask Dr. McCullough to join you to ensure we get it properly answered by Dr. Malone for this tweet below, if true, is devastating. Let us allow all always to explain first, no firm preconceived judgements on our part, open minds. So I am confused and many are and can you help us Jan by interviewing the good doctor on this?