Robert Malone signals he has had enough, he will sue anyone who questions him on who he is or his mRNA technology work on deadly COVID injection; if anyone sides with Dr. Kariko who worked with him

by Paul Alexander

& who said he is a fraud, he will sue them, like me; he has now sued Dr. Peter Breggin for 25 million $ for questioning his bogus theories IMO bogus; so PLEASE don't ask him questions! get a lawyer

You go Rob, you go suing everyone, you go! I think you did not get the memo that as scientists and doctors etc., for science to evolve and develop, we have to disagree, even fully, and we do not go suing each other; you my man have introduced a new layer to research and may well be ensuring the death of scientific disagreement and discourse.

Dr. Kariko’s statements are very troubling and you have to explain them.