Robert Malone sues Dr. Peter Breggin for 25 million $; why? Breggin has been muzzled for the last two months, instructed not to speak freely and not to speak his mind to friends, verbally

by Paul Alexander

because Malone is suing him & his wife; Dr. Malone’s also attacked leaders in the freedom movement, such as Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch; why? why would Malone do this?

Dr. Breggin: ‘I have been muzzled for the last two months. I have been instructed not to speak freely and not to speak my mind to friends, verbally or in writing, on the internet, in media, or in personal correspondence. I have been told to preserve all my papers, my emails, my letters, and records of phone calls, as well as all internet transactions. I have been instructed to await legal service — the action of being officially informed of this legal suit. The lawsuit is already formally filed with the US District Court in the Western Region of the State of Virginia.1

Although I have done nothing wrong, and my husband Peter R. Breggin, M.D. has done nothing wrong, we have had a lawsuit filed against us, falsely accusing us of defamation and demanding $25,350,000.’


Why Dr. Robert Malone is so intent on suppressing a debate on mass formation psychosis and other matters of public policy and Constitutional freedoms remains uncertain. Dr. Malone did publicly announce he would like to be appointed into a high government position. This announcement was made months ago to Steve Bannon during a live War Room show.14 Dr. Malone is now also bringing out his long-promised book. And Dr. Malone is just launching his next organization: The Malone Institute.15

Dr. Malone has experienced his share of criticism in the past, both from the legacy media16,17,18 and from the reformer community.19,20,21 As a result of the Washington Post coverage, Dr. Malone sued that newspaper.22 He also went after Alex Berenson in his Substack after Berenson challenged him on FOX news.23,24

Our last column before the defamation lawsuit was filed was about Dr. Malone’s attacks upon leaders in the freedom movement, such as Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch, and an organization of which they are a part called The Wellness Company.25

Most recently, Dr. Malone is attacking Stew Peter’s life-saving new film: Died Suddenly, and by association, the brave physicians and other professionals who provided the vital data in the film. In this attack, Dr. Malone joins the Big Tech social media censors.26,27 On his Telegram, Dr. Malone says: “Died Suddenly” Is Typical Trash from Stew Peters….”