Roe versus Wade in abortion was a bad destructive decision that has/had no basis in the Constitution; there is so much tragedy & pain, loss to the child, woman, man...this to me is about four issues

by Paul Alexander

IMO, I am against taking the life of a developing child in utero, yet I am saying it cannot be cut and dry for that can create a disaster; as such, I feel that it has to remain legal ('depending')

First, to me, Justice Alito basically told us in the leaked script that it is up to the people of America to vote on this issue and basically Roe v Wade took that from ‘the people’. He is now returning it back to the people.

There is no greater role you can ever have in life than that of a parent and the woman is the most prized cherished being on earth. We all have our places and roles but the woman is special and I leave that there for now.

This is a very complex discussion to have. The four issues to me in this debate are (and I am always subject to correction and education and this is just my view alike you having yours and we grow and advance and improve by sharing views and debating them etc.):

i) Every life is precious and I do not support or agree with taking a life. You call it abortion. I call it killing that is akin to murder. Someone has to defend the unborn child in its vulnerable state. The unborn child is left out of the debate. As everyone defends their own rights, who is defending the rights of the unborn baby? Who could ever imagine that we would now agree that a 9 month old baby can be aborted (late term abortion)? The unborn child’s life must be part of the discussion

ii) They have created havoc and pain by playing around with the definition of when life begins. Does it begin at fertilization? Is it when the embryo develops? They have said the developing child in utero has no rights. This must be resolved and IMO, life begins right away and there are rights of the developing child in utero.

iii) There are situations that are extenuating and are to be taken into account e.g. rape, incest etc. but this to me is a much larger discussion that has to happen and must include supportive people e.g. church, adoption etc. There are ways this can be handled though recognizing it is very very painful and gut wrenching. Nothing must be cut and dry about this but again, we have to understand that there is a human life in the picture who is voiceless and vulnerable. We must have their rights upheld too.

iv) I wish to also say this is so difficult but we cannot force the woman, teenager or young woman into the underground or the back alley. Making it illegal makes it so and this in itself is wrong. We have to find a way to resolve this, with balance.

My views and I just felt I would opine.

We need to broaden the debate fast about the nuclear family, the role of the father, role of faith, maternal support etc. Many issues.