Roger Stone, boy, this is amazing! Is this doctored tape? We need to know. We need to know who he was talking to, where he was going, what date this was taken, & was he talking about Trump??

by Paul Alexander

Was he talking about Biden? Or any POTUS? I have no opinion yet on this for it appears to be cut up. Is this about a pardon? So many theories but boy, it is something! No comment really.

Is this important? I don’t know but it’s out there so I thought I would share. Ye nothing I see in the media I believe, they are despicable inept corrupt evil people in the press. I do not know Mr. Stone. I have nothing ill to say and in fact, have nothing to say and no, I do not parrot what the media or haters say. I have my own mind. I do not ever believe anything that comes in media, nothing. Not even this as reported. Whether good or bad, I just go about gathering more information and making up my own mind.