Röltgen et al. “Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, and germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination”; this study is key; shows original antigenic sin (OAS)

by Paul Alexander

I wanted to deal with this again; this 1 study showed OAS actually emerging & reported & alarmingly, that the spike antigen from vaccine & mRNA persists for weeks in Germinal centers (GCs) lymph nodes

This is a key study that must not be overlooked as it showed OAS and also, that the spike and mRNA remains for weeks in the germinal centers of the lymph nodes…this is problematic. It dove tails with work by Bruce Patterson’s group that found spike and spike sub-unit 15 months in the blood post infection and a recent study showing spike in blood 60 days post vaccine. “We performed in situ hybridization with control and SARS-CoV-2 vaccine mRNA-specific RNAScope probes in the core needle biopsies of the ipsilateral axillary LNs that were collected 7–60 days after the second dose of mRNA-1273 or BNT162b2 vaccination and detected vaccine mRNA collected in the GCs of LNs on days 7, 16, and 37 postvaccination, with lower but still appreciable specific signal at day 60” (Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, and germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination).


The persistence of the synthetic “mRNA” molecules in lymph nodes is a huge problem.

Source: Immune imprinting, breadth of variant recognition, and germinal center response in human SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination

It is long and complex with lots of tables and graphs but the key points and lines I want you to focus on are:

i)the immune response is to the initial legacy Wuhan strain and thus Delta and Omicron vaccinal antibodies (Abs) are worthless and hence why those double and triple vaccinated get re-infected; the Abs miss the OMI spike completely; we see this in the UK and Scottish and Israeli data etc.

ii)they analyzed human lymph nodes following infection or mRNA vaccination for “correlates of serological differences”. “Antibody breadth against viral variants is lower after infection compared with all vaccines evaluated but improves over several months.”

iii) key as to OAS “Viral variant infection elicits variant-specific antibodies, but prior mRNA vaccination imprints serological responses toward Wuhan-Hu-1 rather than variant antigens.” This is OAS and simply put, it is a prime or bias or prejudice or imprinting whereby the initial immune response will be the response to that original antigen or similar, with future exposures.

iv)"In contrast to disrupted germinal centers (GCs) in lymph nodes during infection, mRNA vaccination stimulates robust GCs containing vaccine mRNA and spike antigen up to 8 weeks postvaccination in some cases.”

v)"Most neutralizing antibodies target the RBD and prevent binding to angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptor (Greaney et al., 2021a; Yuan et al., 2021). Current SARS-CoV-2 vaccines all contain or induce the expression of antigens similar to those of the early Wuhan-Hu-1 viral isolate”

vi)”Several SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern with mutations in the spike gene have emerged and spread globally, with differing abilities to evade neutralizing antibody responses elicited by Wuhan-Hu-1 infection or vaccination. The most immune-evasive variants, including the recent Omicron variant, have alterations in epitopes containing amino acid E484”