'Russia claims US masterminded drone attack on Kremlin'; Biden et al., neocons, Zelensky have drawn US into a matter that is of no interest to the US & now we are near WW III; Biden flipped Russia to

by Paul Alexander

China, ensured Putin moved on Ukraine in his presidency due to the games being played and look now, look where we are; can you imagine a nation flying drones over the White House or congress?

This is a very dangerous situation now. What are we to believe? We just read US has some form of special forces in Ukraine too? Why? It is becoming clear that this really is the US fighting Russia. I hope you readers understand that.

I lay this madness at the feet of Zelensky himself and the neocons in DC, these madmen who orchestrated the Iraq etc. war. This entire Russia-Ukraine matter should have not occurred.

I guess a key question to me is how could it have gotten so deep into Russia to get to the Kremlin? Is this a weakness it showed? MAny questions but for sure, crazy things are happening and the US government under Biden is atop it and pushing it. A unified China and Russia as Biden’s madmen have done, will present a disaster to the US and thus full nuclear war is now possible.