Ryan Cole: you took a shot at me in the public domain & I never ONCE mentioned your name; the crypto backers pedophilia issue is for Malone to deal with, not you, I will not return insult

by Paul Alexander

we had good technical times on stage, waging the good fight, out of respect I will not insult you as you did to me today; stay in your lane please, this is Malone's fever to sweat for, not yours!

I apologize to this group, but I was attacked in the public space so have to respond there.

I think a key message is that we remain in a war of good against evil where a fraud pandemic was created using a fraud PCR test (over-cycled) to drive lockdown lunacy all to damage the elections of a sitting POTUS. In that too, rob us of our liberties, rights, freedoms, with a new state of emergency with the taking of powers from the people. Most people are seemingly still lulled into a sense of complacency or do not grasp the enormity of what has happened. Life 2019 is gone forever! They destroyed it all and screwed the entire world! People all around us are being grossly harmed by the mRNA technology injection and dying suddenly, in their sleep, before dawn and reported as ‘cause unknown’. Never in modern medicine etc. is ‘cause unknown’ acceptable. We always know what killed you, and pathologists rather quickly can tell us. Yet not now. ‘Cause unknown’. Cardiac arrests and seizures and medical conditions linked to the mRNA technology injection. You do not just die suddenly and with unknown causes. We can always know the cause. Big pharma is a major part of the problem, as it has bought out our health agencies such as FDA and CDC/NIH. It is imperative that we keep informing people as to what has happened and continue to happen.

Allow me to be brief as per the subject of this stack.

Notice what has happened, a friend has attacked another here, the common denominator being Malone. Were those who said he was controlled opposition right all along? They screamed it and folk like me said no, just let him be. Yet, look around. We have a founder of the movement being sued by Malone for 25 million $ because they have a difference of opinion? That his role is to cause strife and damage from within for look around, those who are sued and threatened to be sued and who are feuding all stem from him. Look how Malone went after the leader Dr. Peter McCullough. It really gives you pause. What do you think?

There is one common denominator. Malone. I and we do not have feuds with each other in the Freedom movement until we allowed him to join, never did. And lots have to do with a company Malone is linked to (DMED) and one he formed that I was initially part of, I think the name is Global COVID Summit that Ryan remains linked to. I think. I am not sure if the names are correct and they seem to be used interchangeably yet to me, 2 different entities. I tried, I really did try to work there and with Malone and we did initially get along but the pedophilia reports to the crypto groups etc. was too much for me when I came to know and I know troubled McCullough et al. Along with other issues that made it impossible for folk like McCullough and even Risch to work in that outfit. I leave it there, that is private company business. Had it not been for the reports of pedophilia in the backers or the crypto peoples and all that insanity as I see it etc., I may have stayed with Malone’s outfit, who knows. Yet I tried and did consider and full disclosure, Malone and I did do lots together in the initial. We did get along. Yet my Christianity and my integrity forced me to go another direction. That is it. I did always have serious questions about Malone’s role in the mRNA technology and still do and hope one day they are answered. The questions remain and they are unanswered.

I will say that to now, up to this writing, Ryan Cole and I have had very good scientific work relationships. We have travelled globally together, spoken at many rallies together, hugged, ate together, had many meetings together. I respect him. At this time, Ryan works for Malone. That is his choice. I do not grudge him for that and he would of course be free to make his own decisions and have his reasons. We each as individuals, LIVING in a free nation.

However, Ryan decided to go to Twitter and remark on me. So I decided to respond yet fraught with the regard I have for someone I consider to be upstanding.

There have been times that people have reached out to me, even in the Freedom movement doctors to hit at Ryan and question things he said on the stage etc. I refused to. I thought he was upstanding and quite smart. IMO. And I always govern myself this way, if we have 2 friends in common, and you may have an issue with someone but that does not mean I must have one with them too. If I got along with them, I will continue dealing with them. And we could still be friends.

This is the issue, Malone has all of these lackies constantly speaking for him when questions are raised. Deflecting, misdirecting. Once again Ryan, this is not your fever, stay out of it. Let Malone deal with the reported pedophilia issues that greatly troubled us for it is his crypto Miami Puerto Rico buddies who flew us there to wine and dine us.

The main issue is that was one of the key reasons I DID not join Malone in his company, despite how many times asked and pressured. Too many questions. Troubling ones with that.

Again, Ryan, not your fever so allow me the regard I do to you.

So Ryan, keep it focused on Malone and the pedophilia issue I raised (and I not once included your name, Malone knows who we are talking about, let him state it) for yes, this is and was a real concern with his crypto backers (that DMED company, you are not DMED) in Miami and again, it is why a select number of us did not decide to work with Malone in his COVID company; there are things you do not know so stay in your lane, you were not part of conversations we were involved in that were very troubling as to the pedophilia link to the backers. What I said about the pedophilia in the crypto backing people Malone works with is 100% correct as per occurrence. Read my substack carefully.

If Malone wants to, he can raise issue with it. He can raise issue with anything I state as we have the right to raise issue with anything he writes. I know he wants to sue over my revelation openly that he threatened Kariko’s safety when she said he was basically a fraud. I know. I know he cannot answer to it, I know. I know he cannot be interviewed with proper scientists with the proper questions. I and we know. We have been part and watching the charade.

Yet your response on Twitter is misguided Ryan and you injected yourself where you do not belong. This is ONLY about Malone and his threats to Dr. Karina Kariko who worked with him, who knows him best and she told the world in The Atlantic he is a fraud and he then threatened her when she questioned him; this is about him not once offering those afflicted with the fraud deadly mRNA technology based shot any way to mitigate its effects, any antidote as the ‘inventor’ though Kariko who worked with him on it said he did not invent it as he claimed; this is about his threats to me and my family in the public domain; this is about his attacks and law suit on the Breggins of 25 million $; this is about his attacks on Dr. McCullough, and so much more, on so many more people, good people who simply question him.

Ryan, you said it is sad to watch me slide and I am unhinged: I remind you it is you who are partnered with Malone, not I, and it is you who remain silent while Malone threatens the survival of people with outrageous lawsuits and I suppose you go along; that’s what silence means as well as like many who literally seek me out to tell me, really you are afraid of Malone; it is you who sit there silent when a scientist who worked with Malone, not you, on paper in The Atlantic, said he is a fraud, threatened her with possible violence if you read his remarks, and stated clearly he did not invent the mRNA as he said, and that he over represents himself, yet it is you who parade around with him and play that game supporting that nonsense; so I would ask you to be careful when you write about other people and I ask kindly.

It does not involve you (nor me, for Malone is attacking me because I defended McCullough and Breggin from his attacks) yet you took a hit on me on Twitter today and no where did I question you nor attack you; I never mentioned your name; I thought you were a friend but you seemingly became an agent of Malone yet the pedophilia issue does not involve you, it is and was a real concern when we were asked to join DMED, and I was clear, I say it again, does not involve you, Malone knows that, do not let him rope you into that filth issue but I will expand it in the public domain, should I have to; again, it does not involve you and nowhere did I say that.


Because we have had such a good relationship, friendship, I decided I will not respond similar. I will not insult you; Why? Because I think you are a good person, and we know Malone directs you (and those around him) and you had no choice and so I will, out of respect for you for the good times we had and that I do think you are a decent human being, we met your tremendous wife at Defeat Mandates in LA etc. and I think you are decent, smart; yet misguided by Malone at present as evident in your choices, but a good man fundamentally, we spent enough time together for me to know this, my judge of you, but you were misguided enough to wade in and take a swipe at me ‘for him’ (as he does, he gets his minions to do the dirty work) when I not once spoke your name; it is only about Malone, Ryan, only Robert Malone and countless others he is attacking; he is the common denominator, did you notice that? so I thus ask you nicely, respectfully, please do not smear me again; this one I will let slide, please. I ask you kindly. Not in a public space. Do not sweat for this fever, it’s Malone’s. Do not attack me, I did not attack you.

This is what we face with Malone now for this one person IMO has hidden out in the Freedom movement and caused so much duress and strife and pain and when some told me prior he is working to destroy the movement, I laughed but it is becoming clear; yet he will not succeed for the core may fracture but we, folk like McCullough et al. have gotten stronger and can even stand on their own but this is what we face in Malone, IMO, and until he can find it to apologize to all those he has wronged including importantly McCullough and Breggin, this is my opinion of him, the enemy within (IMO, he certainly acts that way and I do hold out hope that he can do the right thing and reverse his law suit and make amends to all he has hurt in the Movement, I am sure they are forgiving, these are good people; I am not sure and do not know why he has chosen to go after good people in the Movement and I hope he can come around):

Thanks Ryan and I only wrote here and did not e-mail you (which is more proper form yet you chose the public space) for you wrote an attack on me in Twitter, it is you who went to the public space. Not I. So I am responding publicly. Not my first option.

Recently you had an issue somewhere in Europe I think and countless people wrote me and called me and texted telling me how disgusted they were with you for what happened, I think what you said and I am not interested, and asked me too about it and disparaged you to me; I told them don’t bother telling me, not interested for as far as I knew, to me, in all we did together, all I knew, you are a good man and whatever it is, it must be a miscommunication they and you had, and so I did not entertain them and did not wish to know for did not want to question my friend Ryan; I sent them packing; all; when I would think you operate same, you do not now it seems; so I would ask you now in the public space since you smeared me publicly, to offer me same, allow me same deference, do not sweat for Malone’s fever and do not be misguided by him, please do not smear me again for then I will respond as I would be entitled to, I would have to in-kind and I do not want to; I do not want to, I do not wish to question you nor your character nor motives nor anything; it is Malone I remind you again, that is the common denominator in feuds with many, it is not I; I simply am doing the Lord’s work trying to inform and educate and save lives.

Remember when in that group call when Malone and others smeared and disparaged Ardis and I stood up and said NO, I have no part of that and do not agree with the discussion to take Ardis down; I was shocked at people I thought were good people in that call, Christian, kind compassionate people, were like animals on that call, seeming to be delighting in the plans to group slander and ‘take him down’; yet as I sat there thinking I was alone in opposition, I heard you speak up eventually in the call saying you joined me in saying NO; you said ‘I think I have to join Paul and do not agree” para…and it is then I realized you had a different heart than that group; you were decent and knew what they were saying about Ardis was wrong and with me, and knew it was sheer wrong to try to destroy a man that way, or woman especially if not on the call to defend themselves (had to do with his show on Stew and yes, they were smearing Stew too and if you recall, I stood up for Stew too) and I am so happy my brother Ardis is thriving now without them; but key here is, you showed gracious mercy and I loved it!

Remember, we have helped each other in important ways in the past, silently yet importantly when the help was needed; I value our friendship; So again, scientist to scientist, man to man, friend to friend, let us keep it so; I decided I will do same if smeared again. Again, out of respect for you, deep respect, I have not and do not plan to, as long as I am treated same; please; I only respond when people misbehave on me and I am not Jesus. I am not that forgiving. I guess you could say I am imperfect, broken, flawed that way, and I pray to come to that forgiving place but I am not there yet. And I don’t think I want to be at present for we are in a transformational life-altering war and warriors we must be to fight the enemy we face.

Just let us focus on the science and our collegial work together and do not step into Malone’s mess, he made it, he will need to fix it. People can be very forgiving, but the ball is in his court.

Thanks Ryan, and God speed and blessings to you and your good family and peace and safety and success forever! Hugs!!!