Sachs et al.: "The Lancet Commission on lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic": 'the WHO was too slow too cautious they report': NO Jeff, WHO lied about human-to-human transmission, LIED!!

by Paul Alexander

This is IMO a BS type article, typical of LANCET now and each time Sachs grows in respect he goes out and pens garbage like this. Sachs followed up his interview with Bobby Kennedy Jr. with this?

I will sleep with one eye open, one closed as to Sachs, for now. Not entirely trusting. He has work to do.


WHO lied about no human-to-human transmission; WHO, China, and Fauci lied, they were lying.


No, we did not need an endorsement of face masks for all of the evidence, all, still today shows the masks were and are ineffective un unsafe.

Yes, we knew it was aerosolized yet WHO did not know this.

WHO was never ever transparent during this pandemic.

WHO, CDC, FDA etc. never ever followed the evidence and science, they were averse to the data and science that contradicted their duplicitous narratives. Cognitive dissonance ruled their days.

Key remain the lies about the origin. This was manufactured in a lab setting and not a wet market ‘spillover’ zoonotic release. WHO and Fauci and Francis Collins continues to lie.

Everything the WHO said, the CDC, NIH, FDA, NIAID etc. everything, was flat wrong! 100% Every single COVID lockdown policy was wrong and all failed! Yet Sachs writes this more in an explanatory ‘stroll along’ manner and does not address all the WHO failures and we the world paid a devastating price!