SADS (Sudden adult death syndrome) and SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome) WILL become the new watch words and courtesy of the COVID injection; yes, doctors are 'baffled' but they know its the vax

by Paul Alexander

Wrote about this before but its a key issue we have to now get on top of.



“An increase in what is called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome has prompted officials in one country to begin a registry of cases to learn more about why people who seem in good health suddenly die.

SADS hits people under 40, with no clear trend emerging of the impact of lifestyle or exercise upon mortality, according to the Daily Mail.

SADS is an “umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people,” the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners said, noting most deaths occur in people under 40. SADS comes into play when no obvious cause of death can be found.”

AAP updates SIDS guidelines now today. Why?