SADS = Sudden (COVID linked) Adult death syndrome, SIDS = Sudden Infant death syndrome (COVID linked); Makis reports on 32 year old UK mom who died 14 hours after her 5 month old died (stack)

by Paul Alexander

pathologist has no answer for the infant’s death and no answer for the mother’s death either; IMO this is likely COVID mRNA technology vaccine-induced death in the mother and potentially the baby!

this is likely COVID mRNA technology vaccine-induced death in the mother and potentially the baby! We need definitive vaccine status but keep vaccine on the table! We have to.

Makis did a nice job here, see the stack, I support his contentions. I go further, until myocarditis (silent often) is ruled out that is vaccine induced, and until we know she was not vaccinated, then this is due to the mRNA vaccine. Keep vaccine in play.


When mother is vaccinated, treat the baby as vaccinated. For COVID and otherwise. Vaccine, the content, lipid-nano particles (exosomes, extra-cellular vehicles), mRNA (modified), spike protein either from mother or translated in the child (on ribosomes) in utero or new born, crosses the placenta (and breast milk). This ‘died suddenly’ and ‘dying at dawn’ or ‘dying in your sleep’ phenomenon is real. Often silent myocarditis, and surging catecholamines (adrenaline) when exercising, stressed, rising from sleep etc. with adrenaline bathing a scarred heart myocardium that is under strain, that reacts with iregular beats and cardiac arrest and at times, death. Pilots are at risk, sport players etc. Anyone with silent myocarditis, often now COVID vaccine induced, are at risk of death. Ensure proper tests to rule out e.g. troponin high-sensitivity, D-Dimer, contrast chest MRI, EKG etc.

‘Staffordshire, UK - 32 yo mom Viktorija Mardosiene died of SADS 14 hours after her 5 month old baby Kevin died of SIDS (click here)

SADS = Sudden Adult death syndrome, SIDS = Sudden Infant death syndrome

A 'bereft' mother suffered a cardiac arrest and died just 14 hours after her baby suddenly passed away in a suspected co-sleeping tragedy, an inquest has heard. 

Emergency services rushed to Viktorija Mardosiene's home in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, in the early hours of August 9, 2022, after receiving reports that her five-month old son Kevin Deguitas was not breathing and had gone cold.

Ambulance crews battled to save him and took him to the Royal Stoke University Hospital, but he was later pronounced dead.

His 32-year-old mother then later checked into the Harplands Hospital mental health unit and told staff there she was bereft at the death of her child.

While there, the Lithuanian national went into cardiac arrest and later died at the same hospital as her son, 14 hours after his death.

UK Coroners have absolutely no answers for baby’s death:

North Staffordshire coroner Duncan Richie has now opened and adjourned the inquests, stating further research was needed.

'We heard how she had taken the baby to bed, sleeping, at 11pm. At 1:34am we heard doctors had ceased CPR and stopped life care.

Consultant paediatric pathologist Dr Roger Malcomson stated: 'What we are left with is a baby who has died co-sleeping with a parent. There is no specific medical cause of death after a comprehensive autopsy.

“There is nothing sufficient to suggest a specific cause of death.”

'I would consider an unascertained cause of death. With the debate of if this was a natural or unnatural death, I don't think there is sufficient evidence to suggest either way.'

UK Coroners have absolutely no answers for mom’s death:

An inquest opened into Ms Mardosiene's death heard she was voluntarily taken to Harplands where she complained of chest pains.

Later that afternoon, she suddenly collapsed and was confirmed dead at 3:53pm - just 14 hours after the death of her baby.

'On the balance of probability, I cannot identify exactly what the medical cause of death is.’

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
SADS & SIDS - 32 year old UK mom dies of SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) 14 hours after her 5 month old baby dies of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) - Coroner finds no explanations on autopsy
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