SAGE HANA: "The History of how mRNA Vaccines were Discovered", Excerpts from Jill Glasspool Malone's Linkedin June, 2021 Post; one subscriber described it as: 'Malone reminds me of arsonists

by Paul Alexander

that are firefighters. Or is it firefighters that are arsonists'? SAGE HANA again did a very decent job & raises important questions on this mRNA technology nightmare we live & who did it, why, when?

‘The following Linkedin post was published Jun 2, 2021. I have pulled relevant excerpts which reflect Dr. Jill Malone’s frustration that her husband Dr. Robert Malone was not getting appropriate credit for his invention of mRNA technology.

Please read her whole post if you would like all relevant context. Any bolding that is mine, I will note with an asterisk and my brief comments.


The date on Weinstein’s Odyssey podcast is *June 9, 2021, and that episode was centered on the experimental injections and their harms. The video was immediately banned on YouTube and thus the link is to Odyssey.

*edited to add* I’m informed in the comments by JustAPoster that the original Dark Horse Podcast featuring Dr. Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch appeared on YouTube on May 25, 2021, whereupon it was banished, leading to the subsequent Odyssey upload.

*edit #2* Miss Ria says June 10, 2021 on the YouTube stream or upload. Regardless! The available copy is now on Odyssey and dated June 9, 2021. And very much the same window of time as Dr. Jill Malone’s Linkedin post.

I think this is the demarcation in time at which Steve Kirsch and Dr. Robert Malone were introduced to the Truth in Coronavirus Vaccine Skeptical world at scale.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, Historians.

But we have quite a rhetorical whiplash coming from the Malone camp.

From “Bob was robbed of credit for this amazing invention by the mainstream media”- smash cut to Bob simultaneously banished to Odyssey on Dark Horse to discuss the dangers of the mass rollout of the human trials.

It’s a train wreck. A collision of two media ecosystems with two narratives screaming in opposite directions.

“A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”

—Mark Twain.

As a young scientist, Robert saw into the future. He saw the future of RNA as a drug in 1987. Early in 1988, he foresaw the future of the use of mRNA for vaccination. He did this in the worst of situations. As a graduate student, without support of his thesis advisor and being in an abusive work/student environment. 

Robert is the inventor of mRNA vaccination. The documentation is clear. In 1986, while at the Salk Institute/UC San Diego as a MD (Northwestern)/PhD (Salk/UCSD) student, he worked with RNA for his dissertation. Early on this included structure and modeling analysis, but it soon expanded beyond that. In 1987, he invented naked and lipid mediated RNA transfection. in-vitro (1987) and in-vivo (1988) lipid mediated mRNA transfection were developed at the Salk/UCSD. But the situation in lab was not healthy, when the harassment got to the point, where Robert literally was diagnosed with severe PTSD from abuse at the hands of his thesis advisor and institutional attorneys, he knew he had to abandon his PhD and go back to Northwestern to finish his medical degree. His thesis advisor was the now infamous Dr. Inder Verma. Dr. Verma’s behavior abusing women and employees is now legendary and documented in both the scientific and lay press.

*Robert left the university knowing that what he had invented would change the world someday. That he has never doubted.

*Commentary: It certainly has changed the world. No one will deny that.

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Back to Dr. Jill’s post from June, 2021.

Fast forward 30 years…

So, imagine how disheartening it is over the course of the last year, to see others take credit for his work in the lay press. Then to see this article as the headliner by CNN yesterday was extremely upsetting:

Now proven against coronavirus, mRNA can do so much more

…The story of mRNA vaccines dates back to the early 1990s, when Hungarian-born researcher Katalin Kariko of the University of Pennsylvania started testing mRNA technology as a form of gene therapy. The idea is similar whether scientists want to use the mRNA molecule to cure disease or prevent it; send instructions to the cells of the body to make something specific.”

*Commentary: The headline that Dr. Jill is referencing is CNN performing the same NEJM Pfizer Gene Editing Promotional campaign.

NEJM polishes off the fraudulent Pfizer trial data write up with an outlandish sales pitch summary for genetic intervention drugs:

The data presented in this report have significance beyond the performance of this vaccine candidate. The results demonstrate that Covid-19 can be prevented by immunization, provide proof of concept that RNA-based vaccines are a promising new approach for protecting humans against infectious diseases, and demonstrate the speed with which an RNA-based vaccine can be developed with a sufficient investment of resources.

This rigorous demonstration of safety and efficacy less than 11 months later provides a practical demonstration that RNA-based vaccines, which require only viral genetic sequence information to initiate development, are a major new tool to combat pandemics and other infectious disease outbreaks. The continuous phase 1/2/3 trial design may provide a model to reduce the protracted development timelines that have delayed the availability of vaccines against other infectious diseases of medical importance. In the context of the current, still expanding pandemic, the BNT162b2 vaccine, if approved, can contribute, together with other public health measures, to reducing the devastating loss of health, life, and economic and social well-being that has resulted from the global spread of Covid-19.

Proven against coronavirus? Huh?

CNN and NEJM are performing Mockingbird Media and Mockingbird Scientific Media purposes.

The US DoD wants to hack humans.

They will claim it is to save us from disease.

The same reason that they develop the Manufactured Viruses.

Always, the claim is that it is to save us hapless humans from diseases and bad actors.

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The calls are coming from inside the house. The Bad Actors are coming from inside the house.

They simply got so arrogant and so cocky in their ability to create reality that they erased all lines of plausibility. When you control the media and “The Science”, and nobody in Puppet Congress is going to stop you?

You get super overconfident.

It works. It’s proven!

Until it doesn’t. And it’s not.

You simply cannot have this both ways.

As to Jill Malone’s thesis.

You don’t get to cry out for the credit and then absolve yourself from the blame when the boomerang happens.

And we run into the exact same dilemma with Trump Apologists.

You cannot have Trump taking credit for three beautiful vaccines that “saved 20m people”, and also blame Fauci and the Deep State for tricking him into making dangerous Herd Culling Vaccines.

This is the problem with Hero Ball in a nutshell.

It takes you away from data and reality.

It takes you into a Motivated Reasoning Fantasy.

Back to Dr. Jill’s Linkedin post.

So, what does one do when someone’s work is not cited, when they are erased from history?

 It turns out there is nothing one can do. When a national newspaper gets it wrong, over the course of months – they won’t correct it. Even if one goes to the editor, the magazine, the newspaper or the journalist. Even if one writes about it on social media, etc. Yes, I and to some extent, Robert did all that. I have written, begged, pleaded, informed – all to no avail. Basically, we hit a stone wall. Either journalists denied it (“well, I said “others” worked on these technologies”) or we were ignored. But with time, each article seems to get more and more exaggerated about the Dr. Kariko “discoveries.”

So, why am I writing this? 

I guess at the very least to set the record straight with his friends. 

This was and is Robert’s work, his passion. *He is thrilled that all these technologies are working. He is thrilled for his part in that. He freely credits that other people have worked to develop this. But to have poured his heart and soul into this – *decades of work and to have someone else get credit for his work in the national press is demoralizing and disheartening. 

*Commentary: You may want to go ahead and let those others have “the credit” right about now.

We literally have nothing to lose in this. Robert never received the money that Vical owed him. Heck, they never even admitted to owing him anything but a silver dollar. They never licensed his work from the Salk. The Salk dropped the patent applications without telling him. Vical threatened Robert with “cease and desist” letters, if he continued working in the field commercially or if he helped a commercial company with these technologies. We never were able to capture a single NIH or government grant for this work. This all happened thirty years ago, it is a terrible but old story. One that Robert likes to forget. It is not worth dredging up. 

The Curious Timeline of Robert Malone’s COVID Journey

Yesterday, I linked a Housatonic (Mark Kulacz) video on the Robert Malone penned coronavirus book, which was available for purchase in February, 2020.

Here it is again.

Here is Mark’s Linkedin. If I understand correctly, Mark ditched his career to research the COVID Murder Mysteries.

He is one hell of a researcher.

In this short video from Housatonic, he points out that Robert Malone was treating himself with famotidine for COVID at the same juncture as the published book was made available, late February, 2020.

The early diagnosis (?) would have made Malone one of the first few diagnosed cases of COVID in the United States.

It’s a strange and coincidental world in which Dr. Robert Malone exists.

He says that he was contacted by CIA Agent/DARPA doc and scientist Dr. Michael Callahan in late 2019 January 4, 2020, and alerted to the *novel* “smart bomb” virus in Wuhan. And told to “get a team spun up”.

Prior to the purported Jan. 2020 Callahan notification, in late 2019, Malone had consulted with DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) to help set up the DOMANE alternative medical countermeasure supercomputer data base. In case of a *novel* virus. Never can be too sure.

DTRA was promoting Remdesivir one year later.

“In late 2019, DTRA started a new program called Discovery of Medical Countermeasures Against Novel Entities (DOMANE) to address novel and emerging threats,” stated Dr. David Hone, Chief Scientist within the Vaccines and Therapeutics Division at DTRA. “Based on previous work, we decided DOMANE would not only focus on FDA-approved drugs but also combination therapeutics, as we believe that no single drug will be completely effective in treating new diseases. COVID-19 has provided us an opportunity to test our hypotheses using DOMANE.”

Veklury®, which is more commonly referred to as Remdesivir, is a ribonuclease inhibitor developed by Gilead Sciences. It delivers broad-spectrum antiviral activity and has proven to be a modestly effective therapeutic for the treatment of COVID-19. Originally developed as an Ebola Zaire countermeasure, this DTRA-funded inhibitor transitioned for more advanced testing due to promising pre-clinical trials. Remdesivir inhibits viral replication in a wide variety of pathogens and was one of the first therapeutics identified in the Defense Department for repurposing to treat COVID-19. In the summer of 2020, Remdesivir received authorization for emergency use only in COVID-19 patients with continued FDA oversight.

Thus, strangely, the fancy new DOMANE system ended up pushing Remdesivir.

I just want to know how that happened. If you know a guy who was involved in the DOMANE system, then maybe they might have some insights as to how that happened. They could be very useful in the detective search.

Here are Dr. Malone’s angry comments regarding the DOMANE consulting gig story on my page, along with his signature derisive “dark conspiracy” angle that he often employs against his growing list of nemeses.

Malone replied to my DTRA-DOMANE post:

Writes Who is Robert MaloneSep 27

DOMANE identified famotidine, the combination of famotidine + celecoxib, and also famotidine + celecoxib + Ivermectin. Unable to get the FDA to allow us to test the triple combo with ivermectin, the program pivoted to clinical testing of famotidine and famotidine + celecoxib in both a highly innovative virtual outpatient trial as well as an inpatient trial.

I did nothing with Remdesivir. I have no control over Hone, and have not spoken to him for over a year now. I have known Hone since he was a post-Doc. We parted ways during this outbreak, as was also the case with Callahan. If you have read "The Real Anthony Fauci", you would know this.

DOMANE did identify many repurposed (licensed) drugs, including those identified above. This is the chem bio defense side of DTRA. When I learned that the threat mitigation branch of DTRA was still funding the Wuhan lab, I alerted the world to this.

As usual, your dark conspiracy mutterings are decoupled from reality

Here is the aforementioned Housatonic’s treatment of DTRA-DOMANE-Remdesivir, which in advance, I have not watched yet. I probably need to do this to see how Mark kicked my ass in the research department!

(I happily confess to being an aggregator of content, standing on the shoulders of giants. Consuming and digesting and plotting paths of convergent logic.)

Back to the curious Dr. Sherpa timeline.

He has a COVID-19 book written, published, and available for sale by February, 2020.

Whilst he is apparently one of the earliest cases of COVID in the US.

Later he takes the Moderna experimental mRNA shots and is purportedly injured.

His wife and partner laments that he does not get proper credit for his invention, but that “he is thrilled that all these technologies are working”.

One week later, he is on Dark Horse preaching caution, but does not mention his own vaccine injury weeks earlier.

Eighteen months later and he has pumped out another book, and feuded with multiple adversaries in the Not a Movement.

Is currently suing three of them for $25m.

It’s like COVID Forrest Gump. He is always there. At every juncture.

Make of it what you will.

It’s bewildering.’

Sage’s Newsletter
"The History of how mRNA Vaccines were Discovered", Excerpts from Jill Glasspool Malone's Linkedin June, 2021 Post
The following Linkedin post was published Jun 2, 2021. I have pulled relevant excerpts which reflect Dr. Jill Malone’s frustration that her husband Dr. Robert Malone was not getting appropriate credit for his invention of mRNA technology. Please read her whole post if you would like all relevant context. Any bolding that is mine, I will note with an aste…
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