SCANDAL: brewing in Ontario and Canada, two doctors who asked me not to take photos or names, found me to shake my hand when we stopped in a park (James Topp) before entering Ottawa; fake vaxx cards!

by Paul Alexander

Told me they are going to get in touch with several other doctors, told me had to see me, told me to not stop, to fight hard to fix COVID wrongs, told me many doctors Ontario, CPSO, no vax, fake cards

Many doctors Ontario, have fake vaccine cards??? This is a scandal! This is devastating.

This has to be investigated, they said there is discussion that several College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario board, who took medical doctors licenses away for using early treatment and giving medical exemptions, would not take the COVID injection out of fear of harms and knew it does not work, got fake cards…these two doctors (one male, one female) said they practiced in Ontario, still practice, followed James and knew from media I was in the march up front and came to see me, and left…

They just loved James Topp and what he did.

They said that the very same College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) Board members use and used early treatment and that it is common for Ontario doctors to use the early treatment that McCullough, Zelenko, Risch, Ladapo, myself had written about and published, they said they too use it for their families and one said they got COVID and how it worked completely, how effective early treatment is, and how many doctors in Ontario have fake vaccine cards, did not take the shots, will never, as fear that it is not safe and know it is ineffective and not safe.

They told me they fear for their safety and their family’s, and their careers and wanted to meet me in person as were proud of me as a Canadian and proud of James Topp and Ira Bernstein and Mark Trozzi and Phillips, and Gill and all, but their names cannot be in the media now but are coming back to me and with other doctors for they are prepared soon to stand up. They said doctors are beginning now to talk and stand up for they are very sorry for what they did going along for benefits, with the government. They told me that they know many people were harmed from the shots and died needlessly with no treatment. They to me, appeared to want to fix things. They recognized that many doctors, most, sold out the public and that early treatment does work and there are many problems with the vaccine such that it should have never ever been mandated.

I have heard this before and people bail but let us see. But what they shared is so staggering and does not surprise me one bit!

I will update you and bring this into the open as they come back to me. Many doctors and scientists in US and Canada, UK, and Australia call me and write me and communicate in many ways to me today. I am overwhelmed. They just want to say we are right, us who are in the open fighting, and that many wrong things were done in the name of COVID lockdown lunacy and this fraud shot. Many are very sorry but do not know what to do as will be cancelled, fired, lose income, their careers. Safety. Had to go along.

I tell them each time, no, you never had to go along, you are weak and you should have known better, you as the medical community could have stopped this. You fell for the money and the security of salary. You sold the nation out! Please come forward and we can begin to get accountability!