Schools across America bring back Covid MASKS in classrooms in call back to dark days of pandemic (Daily Mail) yet despite evidence they harm children's learning, are ineffective, & are toxic, harmful

by Paul Alexander

Despite clear evidence that across over 3 years of the COVID fraud RT-PCR overcycled 'false-positive' manufactured non-pandemic (IFR of 0.05% persons less than 70 years), not ONE healthy child died!

‘A slew of schools across America are reinstating mask mandates amid a surge in positive Covid tests - despite evidence they harm children's learning.

Kinterbish Junior High School in Alabama has asked all students, staff and visitors to start wearing face masks in classrooms and hallways 'due to the slow rise of Covid cases in the area' since late last month.


Alabama's Talladega City School district which serves more than 1,700 students has also urged children and staff to wear masks, but stressed they are 'encouraged but not required.''

Meanwhile, a Maryland elementary school sparked outrage this week after saying students must don tightly-fitted N95 masks for 10 days, despite only a handful of schoolkids testing positive for Covid.

New York health officials are also providing free masks to schools in the state in response to rising Covid rates and absences, while face coverings are being strongly encouraged in some classrooms in Los Angeles.

The new calls for masks are a throwback to the dark days of the pandemic and come despite the growing body of evidence that masks were not only not effective at preventing the spread of the virus, but also hampered children's learning, social interactions and natural immunity to other infections.’

See my prior review showing the COVID face masks are basically junk, never worked and will never work and are harmful especially to children: