'Schools stockpile medication (Narcan) to combat rise in fentanyl overdoses'; it's time for US to introduce the interior cargo of one B1-B bomber & carpet bomb the Wuhan labs in China; BOMB them!

by Paul Alexander

one grain will kill you, CARFENTANYL will wipe out the entire city; it is time we bomb the Wuhan labs that are the precursor source of the fentanyl and bomb the sh*t out of them; what? can't?

Yes, it is coming up through the Southern border that Biden insists must stay open so that illegals can get into the US. Yes, they said that. Yes, they are bringing in fentanyl. We know that and thus the US administration is contributing to the deaths of our people yearly from fentanyl. The US government is invading itself and at the same time, bringing in ‘death’ as fentanyl. Go figure. Who would have thought this?

What is that you say? High level US people involved, government people too? I cannot believe that. That’s why there is no stoppage at the border? Only our agents getting hit and flack but hands tied you say? High ups make big money on it too? Good God, say it ain’t so! Please say it ain’t so!




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