Scotland: 'Deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland'; look at the updated excel data file I embed below, it shows you not one (zero), that is '0' persons under 19 (let us say 'kids') died

by Paul Alexander

who had NO pre-existing conditions; yes, you read that correctly, ALL children who died were very sick in some manner, would have died ABSENT of COVID; same data in US, UK, Sweden, Germany etc.

First, it was all a lie, all of it, from the nature of the virus, the lockdowns, school closures, masks, the origins, the release, the gene injections, all of it. All!


How do you like dem there apples? I guess the media does not tell you this data, the putrid fecal, bottom-dweller, low-life, vapid, corrupted, conflicted US and Canadian legacy media, I guess not. Just constantly, ‘it is time to give your child the COVID shot’.

Parents, how many ways do I say it, no healthy child, none, needs these deadly shots, not one! Children bring statistical zero if not zero risk of severe outcome or death from COVID.