Scott Atlas was the most out-front, most correct, prescient expert on lockdowns & natural immunity, hands down, the leader; after him it was me, Risch, Oskoui, Berenson, McCullough, Tenenbaum

by Paul Alexander

We were front pack & we took the most beatings but Scott deserves credit that you still will not give him; I will, he deserves it, he was terribly treated by media & DC filth but he was 100% on target

I praise everyone, all of the soldiers and warriors (you know who you are) who came forth and huge love and respect to all, but Atlas and in some sense Berenson with Ivor…with me from inside the HHS opposite the capitol building banging away at Fauci and his inept team and Birx’s and the corrupted CDC and NIH and FDA…on the inside, Scott and I, he from the Eisenhour building on White House compound, I from HHS building…and we were hated by DC filth media and the deepstate and oh how I loved it…I made their daily lives hell at HHS with accuracy, data, science, evidence that they could only dream of understanding and Scott led the way…he gave them the runs daily!! Fauci and Birx and their teams hated me, and I loved it, I felt same.

They at CDC, NIH, FDA, HHS, NIAID, all the health officials, the scientists, the doctors were all so poorly schooled and uneducated on pandemic responding, on immunology, on virology on all things COVID, it was breath taking to me how incompetent and inept and stupidly moronic they were and still are…academically sloppy and intellectually lazy, cognitively dissonanced…they did everything to hurt America, hurt the pandemic response, hurt Trump (IMO destined to be the greatest POTUS save Abe and George), forgetting about lives to save. They should be in jail. IMO. Certain media folk too.

There was a serious conspiracy against POTUS Trump from within and we must not rest until we find out each one and hold them to account, including jail.

hat-tip to Scott, if they won’t say it, I will, you are way smarter than most, still are. To me, a great American hero. They envy you my brother. They are opportunistic freaks in my view.

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