SCOTUS judges now go into hiding, due to woke insane crazies that the media too invokes; I, Bridle, Malone etc., its insane what we go through; I have to move, we need security; death threats

by Paul Alexander

In DC, I had to be moved about, I moved to different States, in Canada, same...I get the worst threats from faculty in university; serious, to me and family, my friend Byram Bridle, many of us, daily

We need to hire security, we need security wherever we go, and I have to say, sometimes it is scary as some strange people come at you; why? because you are a contrarian? a skeptic? you wish to question the narrative and push back because there is no data or science to support the vaccine’s effectiveness or safety and it is proving to be ineffective and unsafe etc. yet you are harassed and threatened (and family) and need to hide at times from deranged people? The media does a good job in invoking people to attack and within your own society, there is so much division and lack of understanding.

It is very risky and I for one understand fully. Just this last week I had to cancel an appearance on a COVID related conference for there were threats on me as there were posters by the staging organization so once you put out posters, then people start targeting and harassing and threatening. I feel badly for the SCOTUS justices and if I were them, I would make the ruling final NOW! Do not wait!


Threats Force Justice Alito to Cancel Public Appearance