Second 58 or so in 76 seconds that devastated America & damaged the world, you can see at about 57 seconds someone 'deliberately' speaks to Trump; he is distracted, did NOT 'get' what FAUCI said

by Paul Alexander

At about 57 seconds, it is as if someone is there speaking to Trump and at 58 second Fauci just said to America we are 'shutting' down; Trump did not 'understand', right there he was snowed, 58 second

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76 seconds that wrecked the world! March 16th 2020; POTUS Trump shut down US & then the world followed, & today, looking at it is so angering, devastating, those on that stage with Trump, criminals!
Tucker raises a great point at second 55, was Trump distracted that he did not hear what Fauci the fraud said, which was that they were closing down everything. I think now looking at the body language etc., Trump did not understand what he was even saying or what they just said, he was ‘distracted’ deliberately as Tucker suggests….Very intriguing. Trum…
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I am engaging this debate again. Trump did not understand that at 58 seconds or so he lost the control of the pandemic and lost the re-election. Fauci and Birx he gave at that second, second 58 the control of the response and the language and Fauci basically said we are shutting it down (all will be closed) yet Trump said incredibly ‘we have not gotten there yet’ at second 69 (or 109 in the frame) or so. He did not know what ‘just’ happened.

I supported and think he did great to January 2020 in spite of the swamp he worked in, I will never say he was part of the swamp or did wrong. They just found the right person to pull this over on, it was him. He had the ego and love of nation to want to do good that he would do anything these ‘doctors’ said to win this. He had to ‘win’. They studied him well. It was him, he was the chosen one.

It is clear he was beyond his depth with this Task Force, for they were playing him with the media, 24/7 he was on the ropes for Fauci and his team and Birks and her teams were threatening us constantly with leaks that they would leak and openly tell the press we were muzzling them and WH was concerned (because he was in the beginnings of the election campaign) if the media ran with that the public will say Trump was insane and reckless and he is no scientist…

between the media, the fake PCR test, the lies about asymptomatic transmission, and recurrent infection (then, they drove a variant with the sub-optimal non-neutralizing injection that eventually broke through natural immunity), and daily threat of lies to the media on how he was mishandling the response and endangering lives, Trump was in too deep. Plus he had idiots incompetent morons around him who were more focused on his re-election (did not even support him) so they could milk the political appointment for a plum job on K street when the gravy train ended.