See this reply & mail from Edward Steele from Australia this morning, this is what this fight is about & why we have to ensure all that was done is reversed & we have public inquiries, accountability

by Paul Alexander

All the COVID policies failed, every one of them and they harmed people and killed people and these governments and their illogical, inept, unscientific COVID corrupt absurd Task Forces knew; power

Paul Elias Alexander <>

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Mon, Feb 21 at 8:33 a.m.

Good morning, thank you very much. Huge hugs. I reply below to you. 

This is about freedom, freedom to chose and decide for your self. No, we do not want the government as our doctor. 

Everything they did failed, from lockdowns to vaccine and now arrest of dissenters. From bend the curve to 'we are arresting you for speaking out'. 

What is happening now is insane in Canada. The government is weaponizing the police to attack dissenters and those who raise issues with wrongful failed policies. It is a sad day. 

The vaccine mandates have no purpose, the omicron is very mild, COVID is over, been over months, maybe a year now, in March 2021 we uncoupled death from infection but with these vaccines we may drive the re-coupling, the vaccine is driving infection and serious illness in those vaccinated, just look at the Scottish data, the UK, data, the Israeli data, and look at New Zealand today, who bragged, I told them the lockdowns were dangerous as it denies your nation moving to natural herd immunity, you are actually harming your people and economy, just take care of your vulnerable properly (if you are capable of that) and allow the rest of society to live normal lives, largely normal with sensible precautions, nothing else, push vit D, reduced body weight, and use early treatment as prophylaxis to reduce the infectious pressure as well as to treat is infected and early symptoms, THATS IT, nothing else, 2 years now!; it must stop, these problematic unnecessary vaccines, we will kill children with these vaccines, I know the vaccines, it is not properly safe, we will damage/subvert their normally potent innate immune systems that could handle this virus or any such, and key, the vaccine does not stop transmission/sterilize the virus. If it does not, then it is moot, failed. 

Key is to lift the emergency declarations that under pin the mandates. Not just mandates. 

This is New Zealand today who bragged ‘oh we are the best, look how we locked down and look how we stopped the virus’…and I told them, you are only denying the inevitable, I wrote and informed with Risch and Vanden Bossche etc., that it is a mutable respiratory virus, you can never ever get ahead of it with lockdowns and those crazy type lockdowns, you will deny herd immunity and leave your people suspectable any effort to open, and you will hurt your people with suicides of despair, and look now, you are still locked down and see what OMI is doing…so you hurt your people, left them defenseless, and waited for a vaccine that failed and drives transmission…does not stop spread. And see what is happening now in New Zealand, the ‘lockdown kings’. IMO best is to open up fast, take care now of your vulnerable high-risk, ensure hospitals can handle the cases given early treatment, and let the population live normal now to help protect the vulnerable…it will now take some planning and fast for there is lots of infection and lots of susceptibles like a sponge and there will be hospitalizations and death (some) as this too is a numbers game. So you New Zealand, screwed your nation. Good news is OMI is mild and peaks fast. Hopefully a death curve will not succeed this infection/case curve. We are praying.

Dr. Paul E. Alexander

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On Monday, February 21, 2022, 07:21:56 a.m. EST, Ted Steele <> wrote:

Dr Paul Elias Alexander

COVID-19 consultant researcher in the US-C19 research group

Monday 21 Feb 2022

Dear Dr Alexander:

I/we have read your previous publications and analyses. These are excellent public presentations and speeches, extremely powerful (8.54 mins , 7.25 mins respectively) .

I am sure they have gone viral globally (we are doing our best to forward) , as there are freedom loving rational democrats everywhere in the world who have lost their freedoms. I/we  completely agree and are on your side. The “jab in the arm”  mRNA vaccines a. Cannot protect in principle (that requires local induction of oro-nasal mucosal secretory IgA  immunity not systemic vaccination) , b. Emphatically do not protect in practice and c. They  have the highest adverse event rates and death rates in the history of all vaccines rolled out over the past 25 years!

They should never have been unleashed on a trusting public. The credibility of the whole concept of vaccination protecting against disease has been damaged permanently by this manic irrational lock step program to force vaccination on the whole population by  All Governments in cahoots with their national medical associations, their drug and medicine licencing agencies + Established Biomedical Science Institutes  + BigPharma + Main Stream Media +  BigTech. Trust with the citizenry has been destroyed on a massive scale.

There must be a day of reckoning for all those pushing and mandating these vaccines.   I have distributed widely. Myself and colleagues have published similar public conclusions and in interviews (see our email 11 Nov 2021) . The vaccines are a complete failure. It is wonderful what you are doing. I am convinced the truth will prevail as we do not have to make anything up on the run as we argue the case, we do not have to duck and weave  - just tell the truth and display the data.

Sincere thanks.

Ted Steele


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