Self-disseminating, self-spreading vaccines are on their way, whether you want or like it; the demons are marching forward no the matter devastating implications; VACCINE spreads person to person

by Paul Alexander

I do not see human application here, even if argument is increased compliance; we have to look at those negative aspects as a means to safe guard; the implications in the wrong hands are catastrophic

Money, power…they will not stop! We vote them out and get accountability in courts, legal hearings.

We are talking here about vaccines that once administered to you, will spread itself, leach out to those around you by contact etc. Only a small number will be vaccinated. Do you understand the implications?

A vampire bat colony.


The vaccine that spreads immunity by passing itself on like a virus: Researchers investigate potential for self-spreading, needle-less inoculations in wake of Covid pandemic


As self-spreading vaccine technology moves forward, dialogue on its risks should follow