Senator Ted Cruz: "Trudeau abused his power by using Emergencies Act to shut down Freedom Convoy" and some additional convoy photos from today March 11th 2022, headed to DC meetings

by Paul Alexander

We had meetings in Washington and were very surprised when the Alaska Senator Dan Sullivan decided we could not attend the set meeting as planned and no press etc; these people are cowards

Ted Cruz: Trudeau abused his power by using Emergencies Act to shut down Freedom Convoy

SCOTUS today in DC for our Convoy mandate meeting with Senator Sullivan Alaska that did not turn out as arranged (did not occur) as these people are owned by pharma, they are cowards…IMO…the money owns them…sadly, they do not care about these truckers…just re-election…IMO and I have no issue with Sullivan and likely an exceptional human being, but these people in DC, they get there, these congress people and senators and forget who put them there and that they must never ever stop fighting for the people. The ‘trucker’, is maybe the closest to the people any of these politicians can ever get to and they need help ‘NOW’, not in 6 months after the election, NOW, and I have nothing against Sullivan and whatever happened today, I hope he can reach back out as we did come, and arrange again for us to attend. Maybe this was just logistic screw ups by his aids…I do not know. But it was not good form on their part. Wasted lots of valuable time.

Something went sideways today that should not have and we did lots of gymnastics to get to DC to discuss and showcase the truckers and the issues. I wish Sullivan success for the good folk of Alaska elected him and will be the first to say ‘yes’ if we get asked to return. We already have meetings set this Monday to Wednesday coming, in the capitol. We are forcing discussions with as many Senators and congress people as we could and we tip our hats to Senators Johnson and Cruz for the bravery they have shown. Their colleagues should learn from them.

Our capitol today as we were told no meeting by aids as Senator backed out of talking with the convoy leader as we had it planned:

The dejection walk outside the capital, can you see the rejection on our faces:


Capitol police looking at us as we were told no meeting will go on with regards to the mandates, note I support the blue so still wanted to photo with them; I wont disparage our police, in fact, I spoke with them as they knew who we were and they actually shared they supported the trucker:

Capitol police initially probing as to why we were on the steps of the capitol, after we were rejected from our mandate meeting, actually, he was very professional and decent:


You know I had to do some explaining:


After told no meeting on the mandates, the elected officials backed out as planned, owned by pharma:


On our way to DC this morning to meet the Senator who then backed out as planned: