September 2019 Dr. Robert Redfield?: hhmm, interesting; was weak in handling the malfeasants at CDC undercutting him & Trump; he should have fired them all; they hurt US, hurt the POTUS, killed people

by Paul Alexander

and worked hard at damaging Trump, a bunch of CDC inept corrupted highly stupid technocrats at CDC, still are; see video exchange...we had productive meetings, discussions

Redfield will come to learn this was circulating way before that. Or he is pointing you in that direction now? Not one release IMO of pathogen, likely also not one strain or variant. Lots we are still piecing together. But at least they are beginning to go back in time for as I said, this was around at least 2 years before Jan 2020.

I will not disparage Redfield, I had the fortune of working with him and can say a very decent man, God fearing. Had many serious debates with him, good meetings with others. I felt he was wrongly disparaged in the press. People may have their own views. He had serious issues to handle at CDC as they subverted his moves to run the agency and he was weak. He failed to take the sweeping steps needed to gut the CDC and CDC went on throughout the pandemic to hurt America. Americans died due to CDC. I know, I was there. I fought them and the record is there. When Redfield would not say it, I said it to the highest levels in HHS, WH etc. “fire them all”. I was despised up and down CDC save for Redfield.

Bottom line, it was used to subvert a US election.