Serious female genital trauma following mRNA COVID vaccines. My role is to present the data and science to ensure you get it as we are being spun by the media, both sides, CNN and FOX; lying to us

by Paul Alexander

I am sharing and hoping that you be informed for your decision making; these vaccines appear to work for some (I do not support it) but harmful, seriously, for others...mass casualty event unfolding?

I wanted you to see what many are going through with the vaccines…the suffering…here is one female and her case was published…her genitalia was severely damaged by the vaccine and this is life threatening. It is important you understand the reality and not what Pfizer’s CEO Boula and Moderna and CDC and NIH and Fauci and Francis Collins and Walensky tells you…we are dealing with life and death with these vaccines and I am sorry, POTUS Trump, is clearly misinformed and misguided by stating that the vaccines are safe. ‘

Thrombosis is a rare complication of COVID-19 vaccines that typically affects cerebral and visceral vessels. However, skin involvement is largely unknown. Here…genital necrosis associated with cutaneous thrombosis following COVID-19 vaccination. skin necrosis should be recognized as a possible manifestation of thrombosis associated with COVID-19 vaccination.

This seems now to be a mass casualty event unfolding…