SEXUAL and PHYSICAL abuse of children skyrockets when we close schools; FAUCI & BIRX lockdowns & school closures killed people, suffered children; CDC and TEACHERS unions are SPOONING each other

by Paul Alexander

POTUS Trump begged schools to open; he knew the data we had up from states that media hid; mothers & fathers at ER doors with their limp child, and broken bones "We think we may have killed the child"

Parents telling ER doctors (mothers and fathers) para “We have been beating each other as we are angry and have no income, laid off, losing the house, we beat the child badly and are so sorry, we think we may have killed the child…please help us”. Over and over.

We were getting very terrible reports of physical and sexual abuse of children from the States and it was gut wrenching. We knew it was due to the lockdowns and school closures. Some children just could not hold on and took their lives.

See official stats here:

Child Welfare Information Gateway. (2021). Child Maltreatment 2019: Summary of key findings. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Children's Bureau. pubs/factsheets/canstats/

It was just angering and horrible for we, Scott Atlas, I, we fought Fauci and Birx to open schools. They fought us to keep them closed. They reacted by smearing Atlas and I because we supported what Trump was doing. We saw the good and all we were doing was helping. Scott I consider to be the best thing Trump did, but he came too late and the Task Force were working to smear and slander and sideline him.

The media refused to tell the nation the truth, the real abuse data we were getting from states that showed massive physical abuse of children and sexual abuse. US children hung themselves and the media conspired to not cover it so that the nation would not know the suicides by business owners, laid off employees, and children, children under 10 committed suicide massively in the US. We knew that hundreds of thousands, millions of US children get their ears tested for the first time in school, get eyes tested, no one knew they could not even see the teacher, so much humility and embarrassment too as these were many poor children least able to afford, many, millions of US children get their only meal of the day, no breakfast, no dinner, just the school lunch and Fauci and Birx policies caused millions of children to starve, went without food for months…when we kept schools closed many went with no food for weeks, months…we don't give that thought but it is real.

Because Trump would have gotten credit for he was the one fighting Fauci and CDC and Teachers unions to open up and so was I and we were literally fighting with these demons…Trump deserves great credit for this for I know…he was on top of the evidence and begged them and they were subverting him at each turn. I even gave Fauci and NIH actual studies to show them they were wrong and that they had to open schools. They reacted with smears and slander, they attacked Trump…these beasts costed lives of children…

Who is spooning who? Is it a three-way between Fauci, teachers unions, and CDC? Or is it a foursome with Walensky too? These 4 are the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse now as to our children and school and safety…do these idiots not understand the school is the safest place for children? and for teachers with a median age of 41…I provided the evidence here and even specifically over 20 months now…we had the science 20 months now and the CDC lies when it says “this is new evidence”…what bull…

They, Walensky, CDC, Fauci, unions etc. are suffering children and don’t buy the BS when they say ‘open schools’ now. That's totally misleading and duplicitous, these were the same persons who kept it closed, well, minus Rochelle, but she has joined into the devilishness. These 4 are now harming children and behind the scenes conspire and I know, I saw, I heard, I know exactly the garbage…I know the game…say one thing in person and different behind the scenes. They should hang their heads in shame.

For me to say Mayor Lightfoot is on the right side here is staggering for I find she is insane on the best of days…but I give her hugs and credit as she is pushing for Chicago schools to open…hope she is legit on this…

Let me be as blunt as I could:

1) children WILL be sexually abused and physically abused by repeated school closures'; closing schools put children in a vulnerable position as schools usually are first to detect abuse and with no school, this goes undetected Child Welfare Information Gateway. Closing schools diminishes our awareness of such dangers, such devastation.

2) children will starve, especially our poorer children, African American, minorities

3) teachers are median age 41 or so and healthy, those who dont want to be in person, they can decide remote or hybrid, but the rest must get to hell back into class or quit

4) the data is clear, the school is the safest place for children and teachers and children do not spread to teachers. What do we know about children and risk of transmission in schools? We knew quite early in 2020 that there was a lack of evidence of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to the home or into the school settings, with accumulated evidence of no pediatric transmission. We also knew soon after the pandemic began that children were not fueling spread and in fact were at very negligible risk for acquiring the virus or spreading it to other children or adults. Yes, government health agencies like the CDC knew for nearly a year that children are far less likely to be the key drivers to transmit the virus to other children, or to adults, or their teachers. The evidence was available that children were far less likely to spread infection to their class friends or teachers – and was ignored.

5) based on the existing reviewed evidence, the predominant finding is that children (particularly young children) are at very low risk of acquiring SARS-CoV-2 infection, and if they do become infected, are at very low risk of spreading it among themselves or to other children in the school setting, of spreading it to their teachers, or of spreading it to other adults or to their parents, or of taking it into the home setting; children typically become infected from the home setting/clusters and adults are typically the index case; children are at very low risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 disease except in very rare circumstances; children do not drive SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 as they do seasonal influenza; an age gradient as to susceptibility and transmission capacity exists whereby older children should not be treated the same as younger children in terms of ability to transmit e.g. a 6 year-old versus a 17 year-old (as such, public health measures would be different in an elementary school versus a high/secondary school); ‘very low risk’ can also be considered ‘very rare’ (not zero risk, but negligible, very rare); we argue that masking and social distancing for young children is unsound policy and not needed and if social distancing is to be used, that 3-feet is suitable over 6-feet and will address the space limitations in schools; we argue that we are well past the point where we must replace hysteria and fear with knowledge and fact.  The schools must be immediately re-opened for in-person instruction as there is no reason to do otherwise.

Perhaps our government leaderships, their respective COVID-19 Task Forces, ‘television’ medical experts, and agencies such as the CDC and NIH, were for many months ignorant of the harms of actions such as shuttering of schools, or had deluded themselves. But even way back in April/May 2020, one year ago, this information was evident. Knowing the harm rendered to our children through isolation from their peers by closing schools they acted and intentionally inflicted severe physical and emotional consequences. They must have known that there were indications that COVID-19 may be increasing child and domestic abuse. They had to know that one of the most important bulwarks protecting children from abuse are the schools.  Teachers are the first line observers of abuse and mistreatment of children under their protection by their mandated reporting status when they observe mistreatment and abuse of children. By closing schools our public health officials intentionally severed a key avenue for interdicting abuse of children who were homebound.  We suggest that it is highly unlikely that remote teaching (online) could be a substitute defensive line for our children. It is clear that none of this mattered to our policy makers.