Sh*t, I now figured out the genius of Biden & his presidential team, no matter if Biden walks into walls or in circles on stage or just stands & stares on the podium, never ever will 25th be invoked

by Paul Alexander

Why? it will be Madame VP Giggles up & let me say it this way, VP Giggles polled zero, let me say again, she got 0 primary votes, not even DEMS wanted her, Biden is safe, BRILLIANT genius move Joe!

VP Madame Giggles, what can I say! Will always find a way to outdo her prior performance!

No insurance policy like this one, place VP Giggles as your running mate and VP and they will never ever move you with 25th amendment, you could even expire on the job and they will trot you out standing up!

Note, all I said above actually happens today.