'SHOCK POLL: Trump Crushing Biden By 7 Points in New ABC/Washington Post Survey'; idiots, this is not shocking, Trump is the ONLY person on deck who can save America, Biden is non compos mentis

by Paul Alexander

DeSantis has no chance, ZERO, of defeating Trump in the primaries or of being POTUS at this time, in 2028, not now; so they are going to try and arrest Trump, imprison him, only way to stop 2nd term!

Madame Giggles VP is clueless & basically as dumb as a box of rocks and Kennedy Jr., Love the guy, principled, great person, I know him, he is different even from the fraud COVID Freedom Fighter money whore people, he is smart, on my side re vaccines, these COVID shots, but he is in the wrong party and I am for the 2nd and no environmentalist. He checks good boxes but Trump is my guy! Ultra MAGA! Unmovable in that. I saw and know things Trump did for America to this day the media will not report. The putrid, vapid, banal, feral, fecal, bottom-dweller, low-life Washington, legacy and Canadian media, just filthy people. A few good ones, but most filthy animals IMO.

DeSantis will announce shortly that he will not be running. He cannot defeat Trump in a primary nor the general, until Trump annoints him. He knows it. They know it.

These idiots, these crooked morons, they do not realize, that Trump may have a character and you may not like his communications etc. Yet with Mueller et al. Did you not get with unlimited tax money they could not find anything on him? Trump is cleaner than all of these crooked thieveing politicians, RINOs, republicans, and democrats. All of them.

He is guilty of being a conservative, man of faith, christian, heterosexual, woman loving alpha male, and he is white. and throw in there that he is self made, successful, then they hate him ultimate. So he is screwed, at the bottom of the ladder in our woke insane leftist radical society.

There is a saying, when you are digging a grave some someone, walk with 2 shovels and dig two, one for you too. Trump’s vengeance is what I love, and he must when he gets back there, he must punish them.

Trump train, get to hell on and let us save America!