SHOCKING: 80% of all COVID deaths in Canada in 2020 occurred in long-term facilities & assisted-living & nursing homes (first wave) (over 2,000 such 'KILLING FIELDS' homes); same for 2nd wave!

by Paul Alexander

Did such homes kill our elderly with sedation e.g. midazolam? Poor treatment? Did they refuse to treat with antibiotics for pneumonia? Did they euthanize our vulnerable elderly in e.g. UK, in Canada?

The question is why? Horrific isolation. Imagine for months just seeing someone’s eyes, as nurses faces fully covered in masks and shields. Our elderly must have been petrified, yanked from their nursing homes or families. We stripped them of their dignity.

If you removed the deaths in the nursing homes in Canada, there would have not been any emergency or pandemic, that tells you how devastating the numbers were. Canada stands apart from most global nations in the harrowing experience during COVID. Canada as a first world nation and Toronto as a first world city stood apart in SARS 1 in 2002 and 2003 with devastation. Not even 3rd world cities fare as bad as Canada. Why?

Did nurses and doctors use sedation carelessly and abusively and caused deaths in our vulnerable people? Did they suffer our vulnerable precious elderly, our parents? With no one allowed to visit, no ‘eyes’ on the staff etc., did they physically abuse and torment our vulnerable in these homes as they sedated them to death? Did the with holding of macrolide antibiotics for secondary bacterial pneumonia (due to the viral respiratory illness) cause even more deaths? Data was roughly same in America across States.



“Compared with other Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development countries, Canada had a relatively low overall COVID-19 mortality rate but the highest proportion of LTC deaths. Residents of LTC homes in Canada represented 81% of all reported COVID-19 deaths compared with an average of 38% in other countries.”

“It was noticed very early on during the COVID-19 pandemic that some of the worst outbreaks were happening in for-profit, privately owned homes”, explains Nathan Stall, a geriatrician at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital, and lead author of a recent study investigating care quality and rates of mortality in 623 Ontario care homes. “When we investigated, we found that they tend to deliver inferior care.” Stall and colleagues found that the incidence of COVID-19 was higher among residents in for-profit facilities than those in other homes.”

Reports are that Canada’s nursing homes etc. had more deaths than in the UK which was catastrophic and this raises serious questions about what really took place in Canada during 2020 and 2021. In Ontario, in Alberta, in Quebec etc. We need this investigated fully and now while documents are still available and relevant people accessible for testimony and we need to jail many people who were reckless and dangerous and caused deaths. Did we euthanize Canadians during COVID with potent sedatives that killed them and did we further kill them by denying antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia?