‘Shocking’ Monkeypox Screw-Up Means We Need to Admit We Now Face Two Pandemics': I have written 2 months now, Fauci (NIH, NIAID), Francis Collins, Walensky (CDC), & WHO deliberately forcing spread

by Paul Alexander

These public health leaders, these health agencies like CDC & WHO, have worked together months now to harm the Gay and bi-sexual community and cause spread to low-risk heterosexuals

This is being done deliberately! These people at CDC and NIH and WHO should be stripped of all income and investigated for crimes. These are inept corrupted malfeasants of the highest order and between what they did with COVID and the injections and now this, they should be investigated.

Tell the GAY and bisexual community to stop, stop all sexual contact for 2-4 weeks to get this dealt with.

BTW, there is a third pandemic in wait, the Avian Influenza pandemic, WHO is setting it up as we speak to drop it on you too…and all the while, the COVID injection is subverting immune systems. Vaccinated persons are at elevated risk from monkeypox and a range of infections etc. Fauci et al. know this. This is deliberate. More vaccines you will beg for.

This is why we were crying out to stop the spread into the Gay community and call for no anal sex, no skin to skin contact, no intimacy for 2-3 weeks to tamp it down. But no, you had to ensure even PRIDE still went on while we could not even bury our phucking dead during COVID lockdowns, when Johnny coughed you sent him home, locked schools down and Suzies and Johnnys of the world killed themselves due to your lockdown lunacy as the GAY community has you by the short and curlies…political correctness woke bullshit gone a mock. Fauci and Walensky and WHO are doing what they set out to do, to expand monkeypox into the general population so it becomes a problem for you and me. They wish to mainstream it, like what Fauci did with HIV and how Obama brought Ebola to the US…we all must share the risk…we will all be the unwashed…

Fauci et al., the CDC and WHO have failed the GAY and bisexual community. All they sought was proper guidance on how to protect themselves. Not ‘go wear condoms for sex etc. or masturbate 10 feet away and wear cloths for sex.’ No, you should have told them no anal sex or skin to skin touching etc. for 3 weeks…you should have educated them that it is not about being GAY, but it is the tearing of tissues, the micro tears in heavy abrasive forms of sex that causes spread of infection. If heterosexuals engage in anal sex and there is tissue tearing, and one has an STD, likely they will transmit to the other if there is infected fluids etc.

we have pandemics of avian influenza, EBV, CMV, RSV, herpetic viruses and pandemics, etc. coming, Fauci and Collins ensured this, and will rage due to the subversion and immune-compromised status of the vaccinated. It is the vaccinated among us that are in real trouble medically. Their immune systems are compromised, and they are vaccine injured. They just do not yet know to the extent.


‘Shocking’ Monkeypox Screw-Up Means We Need to Admit We Now Face Two Pandemics