SHOCKING: Pfizer executive says: "There is something irregular about their menstrual cycles; concerning; The vaccine shouldn't be interfering with that; It has to be affecting something hormonal..."

by Paul Alexander

Pfizer Director Concerned Over Women's Reproductive Heath After COVID-19 Vaccinations (Project Veritas video); this video vindicates Dr. Naomi Wolf & her Daily Clout/Bannon War Room research team

First, the COVID gene injections (so called vaccines) were always failures and should have never been brought to market. To date, societally, we have no clear idea as to the safety. These injections have shown themselves to be ineffective and they do not sterilize the virus. They are also harmful and I join global experts such as Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Harvey Risch and Dr. Ramin Oskoui in calling for the gene injections (mRNA and DNA platforms) to be pulled, removed entirely and immediately from market. No healthy child with statistical zero risk of severe outcome or death if exposed to COVID or infected, none, not one should get these injections. These are all risk and no benefit.

Now to the recent Pfizer-Project Veritas tape released on Thursday and this one focused largely on issues of safety to the female’s menstrual cycle, fecundity, fertility etc. and this newly released discussion between Pfizer executive and Project Veritas is very problematic and scandalous for Pfizer. It is clear that Jordan (Pfizer executive) is drunk or close to it. My view is that under alcohol consumption, and a clearly enamored interview, Jordan was actually being honest. He told the truth. What we heard was truth, shocking as it was. It is difficult to take him very seriously however for he was drunk and sounded kind of idiotic too yet IMO, we have to take him seriously. In his quest to ‘impress’ and the alcohol, to me, he told us things that sober and in another situation, we would have never heard.

I have nothing disparaging to say about any person in the tapes, just that the content is shocking. I would hope that this person understands that he has to be fully disclosing now and not to deceive the public. Just tell us the truth.

Importantly, this exchange shows clearly that Pfizer has no idea what the hell they are doing and are flying by the seat of their pants, and that there are huge impending implications for women (and men) as to fertility and menstrual cycles in women etc. This can be harmful and catastrophic and Jordan here tells us he does not know what is happening nor does Pfizer.

Three key issues I wanted to mention:

1)Jordan states that the vaccine etc. does not cross the blood-brain barrier. He is flat wrong, we have clear evidence that it does. Pfizer has to prove it does not. Research already abounds that it does as well as the dramatic neurological side effects.

2)He says that they do not know if and how long it (vaccine, mRNA, spike, S1 sub-unit, LNP etc. by extension) lingers in the body. Again, he is flat wrong and it is clear Pfizer and its researchers are clueless. We know it stays months post shot. There is CELL evidence by Röltgen of this as well as good work by Paterson et al. showing virus spike etc. remains 16 months post infection and we can extrapolate to vaccine spike.

Röltgen performed ‘in situ hybridization with control and SARS-CoV-2 vaccine mRNA-specific RNAScope probes in the core needle biopsies of the ipsilateral axillary LNs that were collected 7–60 days after the second dose of mRNA-1273 or BNT162b2 vaccination and detected vaccine mRNA collected in the GCs of LNs on days 7, 16, and 37 postvaccination, with lower but still appreciable specific signal at day 60.’

3)Again, Dr. Naomi Wolf and her Daily Clout/Steve Bannon War Room posse research team deserves huge praise for bringing this to light and being relentless in pursuit of accurate critical information for the public.

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As well as Dr. Peter McCullough in his steady detailed reporting on the science. Dr. Bridle also deserves praise for his seminal work to expose the Japanese biodistribution data to show vaccine and LNP etc. accumulate in ovaries, testis, spleen, adrenals etc. All over the body.