Shocking (yet we told them so) age-stratified COVID-19 vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR) for Israel & Australia; confirms that COVID gene injections (mRNA-DNA) cause deaths & dramatically in elderly

by Paul Alexander

Rancourt again gives us a glimpse with his team of superb scholarship as he unpacks the age-stratified data, finding that the elderly are at greatest risk of death from vaccine over younger

Firstly, this COVID gene injection, whether mRNA or DNA platform, and as such any of these gene injections that end in the spike protein to build the immune response, MUST be stopped! Immediately. Complete, based on the ‘body of evidence’ that has accumulated on ineffectiveness and harms. Elderly must NOT be prioritized for these gene injections. Period!

We know from autopsy studies and adverse effect monitoring that the COVID-19 vaccines can cause death. The evidence landscape is now firm that the COVID gene injection (mRNA- or DNA platform) is ineffective, gets to negative effectiveness, drives infection in the vaccinated, drives immune tolerance (IgG class-switch induced antibodies see Irrgang et al.), drives original antigenic sin immune fixation or imprinting (recall antibodies), drives paradoxical priming, drives viral immune escape, drives antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and also of disease (ADED), and drives infectious variants as well as causes deaths across all age-groups administered.


You have to understand that as long as you mass vaccinate across all age-groups and rapidly, rapidly, aggressively, into the teeth of a pandemic, in the midst of circulating virus (you are loading your weapon (vaccinal antibodies) as the enemy (virus) is on the battlefield) where there is massive ongoing infectious pressure onto the population, while the population is mounting an immune response (yet the antigen-specific induced vaccinal antibodies are not given the time to reach ‘full affinity, maximal binding capacity on the target antigen and thus will pressure and make life uncomfortable for the virus but not eliminate it), the selective pressure (Darwinian natural selection) will cause virus that is replicating to ‘select’ the ‘fittest’ or hardiest most infectious variants among itself (the other variants) that could surmount that sub-optimal population immunity.

There thus will be viral immune escape and infection of the vaccinated (see Fantini et al., Liu et al. Yahi et al.), with infectious variant after infectious variant emerging due to the imperfect, leaky vaccine that imposes sub-optimal immune pressure on the target antigen (the infectiousness of the virus aka the spike protein and its binding epitopes, as we have seen). This is basic virology and immunology and vaccinology and these COVID gene injections can never work. You have underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve and adapt to the mounting yet imperfect ‘undeveloped’ immune pressure placed on it or any form of pressure (e.g. NPIs such as lockdowns). You fail to understand the interplay and dance between the virus and host immune response and how either pressures the other and how either reacts to the other.

These COVID gene injections are non-neutralizing and the virus is largely resistant to the antibodies and if you wish this pandemic to continue for 100 more years, then keep using these failed injections and vaccinating just how you are doing it. No change. Problem, a more virulent sub-variant can emerge that could threaten humanity. Be warned! GVB has also warned clearly about this.

Remember critically, that the high-affinity, high-specificity, high-binding capacity induced vaccinal antibodies can outcompete and sideline and subvert (block) the low-affinity broadly protective natural innate antibodies for the target antigen. Once the innate antibodies in the young child are blocked from binding to the antigen, it cannot educate the child’s innate immune system on how to effectively respond to a)virus it is confronted with at present e.g. COVID b)virus it will confront in the future e.g. other glycosylated viruses that share similar surface patterns and sugars and glycans and c) on how to differentiate ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ components of the child and thus what the immune system should attack versus leave alone; this results in devastating auto-immunity etc.

Each time I write, I draw your attention to this seminal Menachery & Baric et al. paper and why I think we got here, the blue-print was here as to what these people did with this chimeric coronavirus (stitching together pieces of viruses or whole viruses and inserting furin cleavage sites in the S1:S2 sub-unit junction on the spike protein to allow for a ‘gain of function’ e.g. increased infectiousness and lethality):

For this examination below, vaccine-dose fatality rate (vDFR) is the ratio of vaccine-induced deaths to delivered/administered vaccine doses.


I have been against these COVID vaccines en toto, day one. We have said that vaccine may be, based on informed consent, risks and benefits properly explained, focused on the high-risk. Yet this data is clearly showing that we are even wrong to administer this to our high-risk precious elderly. They have early treatment available (combined sequenced anti-virals with possible overlapping corticosteroids and anti-platelet anti-blood clotting agents). We know of Vitamin D3 as potent in reducing severity and mortality especially if serum levels remain above 50 to 60. I again state as firmly as I can that all we needed day one in this pandemic and still today is to:

1)isolate and quarantine ONLY sick and unwell persons; never ever isolate well asymptomatic persons in a society or at the border; I do not mean FORCED quarantine, I mean also that unwell persons will take the steps needed as we have always done e.g. a sick persons typically know they are sick and stays away from work etc. and we were always dealing with a largely benign flu, cold like respiratory ILI pathogen. This was never Nipah or Ebola etc. (Marius reminded me it must never be forced and this has always been the view for THIS pathogen); never ever MASS test asymptomatic persons especially with a process like the RT-PCR that was 95% false-positive being over-cycled beyond 24 cycles that then only detect viral dust and fragments and unculturable non-infectious, non-lethal pathogen

2)you strongly double and triple down protect the vulnerable e.g. elderly and other high-risk persons; this is a key component for any move towards achieving population herd immunity; this is no call to ‘let it rip’; the vulnerable often cannot take vaccine or be exposed directly so we use the low-risk ‘recovered’ population to protect the vulnerable

3)we allow the vast rest of the low-risk, healthy persons, including children, to live freely, unfettered lives, no lockdowns, no school closures, just taking reasonable precautions.

4)use early treatment as needed, used Vitamin D3 lavishly, use nasal-oral rinses, and ventilate homes, and if needed in homes, use oxygen support.

5)In other words, like Sweden, we should have done almost NOTHING, ensuring that we strongly protected the vulnerable e.g. elderly (point 2 above), if this is the ONLY step we take, we strongly protect the vulnerable; Sweden’s response would have ben near picture perfect had they used stronger protections early on of their elderly but even when they did not do that and caught up, their data is still more favorable than other European nations and global, with basically no lockdowns or masks, especially of children.

6)We were to NOT and ensure we did not and do NOT ever apply the deadly hospital medical system COVID protocol (often to our precious elderly parents and grand-parents) of:

a)false positive COVID test

b)isolation of our elderly in the hospital, no family, no visits, no human contact, dying in misery, isolation, lonely, often dehydrated, malnourished

c)sedation with midazolam and diamorphine and other toxic deadly drugs

d) pumping with deadly Remdesivir that is kidney and liver toxic (failed EBOLA drug)

e)intubation and ventilation that killed most on ventilation

7)Remember, till today, there has been no proper study, no randomized controlled trial (RCT), no proper epidemiological observational study that has

a)procedurally and statistically controlled for the effect on the estimates of early treatment

b)procedurally and statistically controlled for the effect on the estimates of natural exposure acquired-adaptive immunity

c)procedurally and statistically controlled for the effect on the estimates of underlying co-morbidities

d)procedurally and statistically controlled for the effect on the estimates of ‘healthy vaccinee effect bias’ where healthy persons typically are the ones who take vaccine etc.

This is the reason why we should not have used the population as guinea pigs to trial these vaccines as to the long-term effects. The data is showing what would have emerged had Pfizer and Moderna trials been phased properly and to proper sample size, outcome event numbers, and duration of follow-up and this data underscores that the regulator FDA, failed the American population. Health Canada failed the Canadian population. All such regulators caused deaths to their populations and must be investigated and held to account in proper forums.

You have to bear in mind that the median/mean age of death from end-stage COVID was 82 to 83 years in February 2020 and remains so today February 2023, 3 years out, and with 2-3 underlying medical conditions. Evidence indicates that those over 70 who died in US had as many as 5 underlying conditions. COVID spared our children unlike seasonal influenza that kills our children and today, the death rate is near zero for children 10 and under and 0.0003% for those 0-19 years. The IFR is settling out to be 0.05% globally ranging I argue and based on superb work by Ioannidis from 0.03 to 0.07% in those up to 70 years. This means that the death rate is at or below seasonal influenza estimated to be about 0.1%. COVID kills at median of about 82 years while life expectancy is about 79 years. This means that COVID did not cut lives short and killed beyond life expectancy. Bear that in mind.

This is my assessment this morning and tweaked here and there by my fascinating informed substack subscribers. Huge love and hat tips.


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