"Significant incidence of myocarditis after 3rd dose of anti-COVID 19 messenger RNA vaccine"; Myocardial lesions affect women way more than shown in prior study, Basel, Switzerland; Dr. Ramin Oskoui

by Paul Alexander

repeat boosting is very problematic; results showed that 2.8% of vaccinated population had myocardial lesions, 3.7% in women & 0.8% in men; myocardial lesion incidence 800 x myocarditis

Dr. Ramin Oskoui, cardiologist out of Washington and Virginia, a colleague, CEO, Foxhall Cardiology in Washington, shared this at the same time this stack was going out so I have to give him credit too. He is a dear friend and brilliant, was on FOX’s (Ingraham) ‘medicine chest’ near daily warning about the harms of lockdowns and failures of the face masks (diapers) and the benefits of early treatment and effective therapeutics. I marveled at his acumen.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the real incidence of myocardial lesions during vaccinations with an mRNA vaccine in COVID-19 in a prospective manner and to evaluate possible preventive and protective measures to be applied in patients presenting with these lesions. asymptomatic myocardials.’ 

‘The study population was composed of employees of the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland, who had received a dose of the mRNA vaccine Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna.’ ‘The primary endpoint was the occurrence of a myocardial lesion, defined by an increase in serum troponin above the norm, measured on D3 post-vaccination.’ The secondary endpoints were the comparison of the total population with patients who had been admitted for chest pain without any cardiac cause being found. Matching was performed on age, sex and history of coronary artery disease and peripheral atherosclerotic disease. The second secondary endpoint was the occurrence of MACE at 30 days (death of cardiovascular origin, hospitalization for heart failure, ventricular arrhythmia and myocardial infarction).’


A total of 835 patients were included, including 777 who received troponinemia assay on D3, among these patients 40 had increased troponinemia. In 55% ‘no cause other than the vaccine was implicated.’

The population studied was mainly composed of women (69%), the average age was 37 years and the patients overwhelmingly received their 3rd dose ( 92%). Less than 2% of them had a cardiovascular history.

‘The results of the study found that 2.8% of the vaccinated population had myocardial lesions, 3.7% in women and 0.8% in men (Figure 1).’ ‘When comparing the population with myocardial lesions versus the population without myocardial lesions, the only risk factor found was female gender (p=0.03).’

The incidence of myocardial lesions is 2.8% or 800 times higher than the usual incidence of myocarditis.  It occurs mainly in women unlike the usual viral myocarditis.

By looking at the curves below, it appears that everyone, male and female had some level of elevated troponin post vaccine.