Simone Scott (North Western University) died from the effects of the Malone, Kariko, Weissman et al. mRNA technology based gene injection vaccine! Does anyone care? Did EPOCH or Del cover Simone & ask

by Paul Alexander

Malone about this? Did CHD? Did the other Freedom Figher media cover it? No, like many of these deaths linked to Malone & Kariko mRNA technology, it was covered up. Why is that? Why did they not?

‘A 19-year-old Northwestern University student died on June 11, two months after she received her first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and a month after receiving the second dose.

While her doctors have not fully confirmed the cause of her death, it appears that Simone Scott (right) suffered from myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscles. Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s doctors were able to obtain a new heart for Scott, but that lasted less than one week.


The university appeared to have told students that she died from a heart transplant. “Scott’s death came weeks after a heart complication in May which led to a heart transplant,” The Daily Northwestern reported. The private university north of Chicago sent an email to the university community last weekend.

“She passed away due to pneumonia-related issues, and was surrounded by her parents,” the campus paper said.’

I am asking Del or EPOCH or CHD to begin serious, honest reporting now. Stop the pussyfooting around with Malone. If you respond to this by attacking me, I will reply same. I like all of you but you FAILED. You fell for it and somehow allowed donors and threats of funding cuts to drive you. You FAILED. Remember, I am and was there, with you, I was told by ‘Projects’ and entities that donors were threatening to pull donations because they were being muscled and bullied. If I did not stop the questions of Malone they would distance themselves and even cut off any support of me. I told them phuck off! Shove their money.

History will show that. Malone destroyed all your media 4th estate credibility, he took your independence, credibility, and power and what you could have been.

Trump was greatly deceived with this COVID vaccine and OWS. I do not absolve him. He has serious explaining to do. It, this shot, was never needed. It was deadly and under no condition could you bring a vaccine after a few months, without the proper long duration studies, RCTs, sample sizes, event numbers, safety phases and tell us you could bypass the 15 years needed ‘safely’. That was a criminal lie and we have paid the price.

Come on Del, ask Malone the right questions and stop the focus on horses and farms and 5 G warfare and mass formation. All misdirection. Ask him the questions I have posed as an investigative reporter myself as I seek answers. What did he know and when did he know it and why has he not worked to bring an antidote. Why the silence when the truth would have saved Simone, her folks may have made a different decision.

The blood of thousands, thousands is on the hands of Kariko, Weissman, Malone and all those linked to the mRNA technology that is core to the fraud deadly mRNA-LNP platform gene injection from Pfizer and Moderna and Sahin…

As much as Berenson could be a pain in the nuts and offensive et al., I liked the guy for he hit the right notes early. He is not bought and cannot play the game. I like that, obnoxious as he is. Note to Alex, I have no more money to donate ;-) but keep at it, we need you in this battle.