So Hilary Clinton funded the Steele dossier as a legal expense; found guilty & that dossier was used to push false Russia collusion on Trump; so why was Hilary not indicted? What about the gun running

by Paul Alexander

by Eric Holder? This is pure politics and the democrats best be careful doing this for political purposes for it will come back to you; so both cases same, yet Trump is being pursued? How come? Putin

Putin is charged by ICC? What about the weapons of mass destruction and Iraq by Powell and the US government? Be careful what you people do as to Trump and Putin, it will, not if, but ‘will’ be visited onto you. This is politics. Kafkaesque. Am I wrong to raise this? Let us be honest and be upfront.

Do you recall what happened at the Mỹ Lai massacre? What then about Obama’s actions? Or Bush? Or Tony Blair?

What do you think? They are all corrupted, not just Putin.