So let me see if I understand the psychopathy of LA's district attorney Gascon: Gascon suspended prosecutor Shea Sanna who correctly said the freak Tubbs, a convicted pedophile, is really a man, so he

by Paul Alexander

'misgenderedd' Tubbs, who is pretending to be a woman; ok, I think I have it down now, so DA Gascon, how about this; Tubbs is a man, man, man, freaking man, pedophile man, male, man, man, man, man!!

This beast pedophile Tubbs pictured below, is a beast of a man, who molested a 10 year old little girl, now saying he is TRANS, so a woman…look, what the hell is happening here? just send this beast to the man jail and let them tune this bit*h up real good for a week of so…this be a hard back man. This is no woman. Deputy District Attorney Shea Sanna, 34, was slapped with the suspension after he argued that jailhouse phone calls showed the convicted molester Hannah Tubbs, 26, was trying to use gender identity to manipulate the justice system.

This beast Tubbs, a hard back man, was 17 years old when he molested the 10 year old girl in a Denny’s bathroom in Palmdale in 2014. So a male molesting a female child. These morons in LA put this thug in juvenile jail? Am I getting that straight or is the one whisky messing with my head? I mean, the inanity of it all, makes you want to take a flame thrower to all these beasts in this story. So this bit*h is a man who molested a 10 year old, he did it when he was 17, then as an adult, they then sentence him to juvenile jail among children, juveniles? And to add to this, he is pretending to be a woman, the trans crap filth. A flame thrower up in the place is needed and throw this beast into man adult jail. With some good licks up in his ass.


“I’ve also heard that my attacker goes by she/them pronouns now,” she told Fox News. “I see it also unfair to try him as a woman as well, seeing how he clearly didn’t act like one on January 1st of 2014.”

Hannah Tubs in picture above is a really a hard back man, and a pedophile.

Shea Sanna, the persecutor who is suspended because he said Tubbs is a man:


'So it wasn't when I first 'misgendered' Tubbs,' he told Fox News. '[Blair] did it in retaliation. Part of it, the reason why I suspended, is because I called out Tubbs to the administration and said I have recordings of him making up the name, gaming the system, joking about it and the date that it was made up. And I had reports where he's referring to himself as a 'grown a** man.'