So let me see if I understand this correctly: Adam Graham, bottom photo, raped 2 women then at rape trial, said he was transitioning to Isla Bryson, top photo, & the justice system put him among WOMEN

by Paul Alexander

Did I get it right? Now update: the deranged Ms. Sturgeon had to reverse & now says he will be moved to a MALE prison! was the fact he has a penis & used this farce & that he is a MAN the reason?

You people are just lucky he did not rape female prisoners when he was there, I mean, how stupid can you be? You are lucky he did not impregnate some prisoners and that would be even more embarrassing for you idiots. Is your heads that far up your arses? Is it still Trump? Did Trump make you do that insane decision too?

I really do not know if to laugh over this or cry for something very serious is at play here societally. These people in our governments are stark raving lunatics and it emerged across COVID, from lockdowns to fraud gene injection. Craven, vapid, malfeasant lunatics.