So Melonis wants to deport North African & Middle Eastern jihadists and terrorists, I love it! "The Trouble with Giorgia’s Melonis: UK Guardian Seethes over Next Italy PM ‘Sexualising’ Herself"

by Paul Alexander

Giorgia Melonis opposes gender quotas, I love her more! EJECT the would be killers that Merkel brought in to Europe to rape the blond girls, to kill decent innocent people; remember Bataclan

An adult has entered the place, and told the kids now to sit and shut up! You go girl! And while at it, can you FedEx some of your balls to the republicans in the US Government, those men, they have none, do not worry about sending to the democrat males, they do not need them, those males bleed, they use tampons, those democrat men. It is time western men stood up and be men, and protect your borders and your women.