So the Select Subcommittee Report of October 17th 2022 was bandied around again and I see that they wrote untruths about me while at HHS etc. ha ha ha, so I will tell you the truth and see below...

by Paul Alexander

What I told them, I hope I do not offend you. I wanted to tell my side of the story of why it went side ways with me and CDC and NIH...yes, I called for all of them to be fired! They did not like that

You have to know the truth so here it is:

1)nothing here is accurate or true and they never talked to me

2) it went downhill with me and CDC when in a high level meeting that had CDC and NIH top brass there and all the lead folk and they were talking about masks and keeping schools closed and their views. I did not agree and was stunned at how stupid and inept they were, the garbage they were saying and just pure morons and they clearly no matter their titles, knew what they were saying. They had no understanding of data or how to read data or research. Each time I corrected them and showed them their interpretation of the research was wrong and each time I made the case to open schools and stop masks etc., many attacked me...and were very hostile. So I got up and someone who was leading the meeting said "Dr. Alexander, are you leaving" and I said "yes, I think you all here, I am stunned for you come from CDC and NIH and you are supposed to be among the brightest in the nation, yet we are in a pandemic and you are arguing over garbage and seem to not be interested in saving lives and have no clue what you are saying and do not understand basic data or research and seem very unqualified and personally, based on your attacks on me and the vile filth on the President, your remarks, after sitting here, I think you all are a bunch of stupid cu**s" para and I left. I am not one to curse like that (well, most of the times) but they drove me to it. I felt good too. You have no idea. Needless to say I was never asked to such a meeting with them again and I was told I am in their cross hairs. I was told top brass at CDC and NIH despised me. The feeling was mutual for I was witnessing and being told how much they were subverting the President.

I looked at this report by the select subcommittee and they failed to mention that. What I told them.