So this moron, this UK minister idiot wants to jail Social Media Bosses Who Fail to Censor ‘Harmful’ Content? When you thought the UK government ministers were not stupid enough, along comes Donelan

by Paul Alexander

to outdo herself, stupid 'crazy' dangerous idiot she is! She wants these low-life government people to decide what they think is harmful e.g. life saving COVID lockdown & vaccine safety data

‘Social media bosses who fail to censor “harmful” content on their sites should be jailed, plans announced by a UK minister have stipulated.

Technology and Science Secretary Michelle Donelan has announced plans to see social media executives thrown in jail should they fail to censor so-called “harmful” content on their websites.’

EmpireLoyalist john smith21 minutes ago edited

It looks like Britain has fully adapted to its status as a vassal of the American Left - California-on-the-North-Sea.
The awkwardness and the comical gaffes are starting to disappear, as the British 'elites' become fluent in the Orwellian dialect of the American Left.
"Lock up people who disagree with the Media-State."
Even just a few years ago, I can remember thinking that this sort of thing could NEVER happen in the British Empire.
Now, look at Aus/NZ, Canada and UK. They've become crown jewels in California's Empire of Evil. These places are more completely dominated by the American Left than some parts of their own home country.’