So we have doctors & scientists who invented mRNA technology used in the COVID mRNA gene injections, we have other doctors & scientists also using the same model-scheme of befriending CHD, Del, EPOCH

by Paul Alexander

reporters et al., wrapping them up in connections in exchange for 'interviews' etc., & in return they all win, for now Freedom Movement media gets nullified & silenced & wrongdoing never questioned

What genius, I must say, these people and particular ones committed the greatest fraud on the nation alongside the fraud pandemic, the lockdowns, and the deadly vaccines themselves, for they have serious questions to answer, but locked all the media, all the so called Freedom Fighter media who said they were set up to combat ‘cancel’ and ‘woke’ and smear culture, you know, in this age of special interests controlling the narrative….its fascinating and putrid all at once for it is plain to see, Del, EPOCH, CHD, and all similar were basically silenced and bought out, they refuse to conduct the right interviews of the real players in the fraud vaccine…oh no, the wrongdoers get to parade around knowing the sweet ‘cheap trick’ plan they pulled off on Del, great Del, someone who stood atop the mountain of independence and clarity and freedom of press etc. and how nicely it works….wink wink nod nod, now ‘I’, the shrewd contriver, ha ha ha, you know who I mean, have them locked up, locked down, we are all ‘buddies, I get to call them ‘my friend’, and I shout them out, mention them, praise them, and they go silent on me…I who should have had my nuts raked over the coals for my involvement in mRNA technology, I get a free pass…so sweet….I get fame, I come out of nowhere claiming I invented this and that yet the record shows otherwise yet no one will dare interview me for others will pull muscle and donor money may ‘dry’ up…so CRICKETS….silence, no one will dare as they would lose donor money….again, masterful play my man, you deserve the NOBEL after all…for contriving….

ha ha ha, you know what and whom I mean…boy oh boy, its incredible, I just wanted it on paper in the internet forever….for one day, you who read this will have the stones to admit what I wrote above is and was so very true and its why we are here still, pissing in the wind, for the truth was stiffled by these ‘smart’ people who bought silence and the Freedom Fighter media idiots went along with it…I guess we all are whores in some extent, bought and sold for cheap tricks…


whores, money whores…we will sell our mothers for the right price…or horses….;-)

who, Weissman, Kariko? Sahin? who? Bourla? who is it you may ask? who shut down all media in the Freedom Fighter anti-COVID battle…anti-mRNA vaccine battle….who could have pulled this scheme off you may ask? that would have no one who used to have credibility in media, question him…God, this guy is good…and then tells you that you are sick as a population, that the powers played you and deranged you psychologically, when it is he who played you…ha ha ha….

I don’t know…

who this may be….