Solanki et al.: 'All variants were observed to have equivalent T cell antigenicity'; so we say, so what? Evasive spike variants elucidate the preservation of T cell immune response to the SARS-CoV-2

by Paul Alexander

omicron variant"; These researchers do not understand the difference between T cell-mediated antigenicity & T cell-mediate sterilizing immunity; we need cytolytic memory T cells, not cross-reactivity



GVB argues that this type of research is a pure waste of money and I am in full agreement as is his team. ‘People obviously do not understand the difference between T cell-mediated antigenicity and T cell-mediate sterilizing immunity. Of course: great conservation of T cells epitopes across a multitude of variants and even other CoVs. However, no evidence whatsoever that there is widespread induction of cytolytic memory T cells capable of killing SC-2-infected host cells.

In the absence of those, there is no role for ‘their’ T cells to play in curtailing viral transmission and stopping this pandemic. Consequently, there is no broadly cross-protective MHC cl I-unrestricted epitope that could be used in a vaccine to induce cytolytic memory T cells and broadly protect people from productive infection and C-19 disease, regardless of the variant.’

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