"Some gay and bisexual men at higher risk of catching monkeypox should be offered a vaccine, say UK health officials."...Health officials say they are continuing to see "a notable proportion of cases

by Paul Alexander

in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men". Well, for God's sake, issue guidance telling them NO eff in sex and touching for 2-3 weeks to tamp it down; why phuck with the wokeness????

Again, it is not being ‘gay’ or bisexual, as in men who have sex with men that is the issue, no, it is the type of sexual contact with increased skin to skin contact, and the heightened risk of breakage of the pustules and lesions that propagates transmission. A heterosexual couple can transmit an infection one to the other if the contact involves breakage of skin surfaces, tearing of tissue (micro tears) and exchange of fluids. Again I say, no stigmatization or ostracization. We focus on the virus and getting this eliminated from the high risk sub-group before it leaches into the low risk heterosexual community via bisexual sexual intercourse and/or close physical contact.

Why can’t WHO and CDC etc. make guidance saying no eff in intimate contact to the gay and bisexual community of it is localized there at this time, and how is it right that the woke nutjob mayor in Toronto Tory today cancelled a major food festival (TASTE of the DANFORTH) that is yearly in Toronto over COVID (this guy is a dong dong craven moronic mayor for this, illogical), yet allowed PRIDE parades to go on unchecked??? Why this woke bull shit political crap and I am telling you, these bit***s in public health at CDC, NIH, PHAC, Health Canada etc. are allowing this to expand into the low risk heterosexual community via bisexuals etc. They are playing around with political correctness afraid to offend The gay community. Why? Why play and let it leach to the low risk general population, especially as you know the populations are immunosuppressed by the COVID fraud ineffective and unsafe vaccines and the repeated boosting that is damaging the immune system, subverting the innate immune system, and driving infection and hospitalization in the vaccinated. By allowing monkeypox to expand to the general population that has a hammered immune system at present is a recipe for disaster. Moreover, we can drive monkeypox to get more virulent by these insane actions.

CDC recent guidance even advised those in the men-who-have-sex-with-men community that if they are infected with monkeypox or have a strong suspicion and that para they must go to the clubs and socialize and party, then they should look for this and that and do this and that…what EFF in madness is that? You bit**es in CDC and NIH and PHAC locked us down for over 2 years, had kids killing themselves in isolation and grief, we could not bury our eff in dead, and you can’t tell the bisexual community no eff in sex for 2 weeks??? This is insane. You are taking actions now that actually place the rest of the society at risk in your failures to do your public health jobs. You are also placing MSM and bisexuals at risk. They need you not to have your heads up your political inept arses and help them give them proper guidance, tell them the risk and help them defeat this. Help them, not play games.

Monkeypox jab to be offered to at-risk gay and bisexual men