Some immunology, virology points I wanted to share as I understand them: i) original antigenic sin (immune fixation or priming to initial exposure or prime, antibody recall) can occur in the unvaxxed

by Paul Alexander

ii) antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) or disease can happen in the unvaccinated & the vaccinated driving variants play a role iii) vaccinating mother is vaccinating the in utero child

If the spike protein is so very toxic to the adult or let’s say the vaccinee, when you vaccinate the pregnant women, the same risks she faces with the toxic endothelial pathogen, the developing child in utero faces. I speak within the backdrop of COVID-19. I am no immunologist or virologist purist but learnt so very much from Vanden Bossche and Yeadon and Bridle and Risch etc. that I am sharing aspects especially in the unvaccinated person and the role the vaccinated has is causing serious problems for the unvaccinated. Open for debate and correction ha ha;-)