Some photos from visit to Mar-a-Lago, again, the place is stunning, the meeting was tremendous, successful, informative, know that all present are the types working to save the greatest nation

by Paul Alexander

Yes, 45 was in the house! tremendous; now several of the folk I was with asked that photos not be shared publicly, I have to respect that e.g. until I have permission to share, I will not share those

Bottom line to me is this, POTUS Trump is a great human being, I won’t be part of disparaging him. I still support him. IMO he did good, real good to when they rolled him in Feb 2020 with the fraud pandemic and deadly vaccine. He trusted. In hindsight you yourself cannot say how you would have responded had it been you running things. The decisions. Remember, he was being told and shown fraud graphs that millions would die and the only way out was the lockdown and fraud shot. By doctors and scientists who were senior in the government etc. If he would have come to the podium and said I will not listen to them, I who am not a scientist, I will listen to me, and not them, we will do what I say now, then you would have thought he was drunk, deranged, mad, insane and demanded the 25th…so lots of wrong was done to him and the key is he did not roll out the shot nor did he mandate it. I do blame him for not firing Fauci and Birx and many others but again, there is stuff we just do not know and that is it to me. Now we have to figure out two things 1)we must get accountability for the wrongs ii)we need people to get help who have been harmed by the vaccines.

The people we sat with were very serious people doing great things for America and with one goal in mind, how to save America and fix the wrongs. So humbled. I have no permission to discuss who we met and what we discussed just that it was impressive to me, to see and meet people who still love the US and it’s flag and work tirelessly to protect her. I am one of them. The greatest nation. It was such an honor to see POTUS Trump in the flesh after the type of vile hatred he has endured, he and his family for 7 years now. This family, his wife, son, should have never been treated that way by the vile putrid banal fecal press.

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Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Peter McCullough, & myself, Dr. Paul Alexander were invited to 45's (POTUS Trump's) home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, yesterday for a meeting/gathering; Dr. McCullough was in travel
POTUS Trump was in attendance at his magnificent residence at Mar-a-Lago. This man is larger than life, there is this electricity about him. Wherever he goes. I firmly think a good human being. I support him. I am grateful to have dinner there, to be asked there, and to meet with the people we did. Humbled to be in the presence of Dr. Risch and others w…
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