Someone said they would vote for a Marxist woke socialist deranged democrat before they vote for Trump again due to the devastation of Fauci/Birx lockdowns & the killer shots; CDC may pip you POTUS T.

by Paul Alexander

POTUS Trump, my earlier stack sought to reach you again; people need you to stand up to the failed lockdowns & killer COVID shots; CDC is trying to say it before you! Don't let them! Yours to lose!

Issue is I support Trump, did and do and will. Who else do we have? Ron if he is on deck…but Trump really is the only one who can take the crooks on…problem is many of his people are devastated by the lockdowns and the vaccine and simply want him to own it and now! But make no mistake, no democrat on deck is worthy of support, and many if not most repubs are as deficient. Trump is the best we have and Ron…good people like Ron Johnson won’t run. He is powerful in other ways. Others are babies in the mix. The daddy of the bunch remains Trump. Like him or hate him…I always thought he is a good person. Twisted in his own ways as are each of us. No one is perfect but the qualities he has and had it not been for the fraud manufactured COVID shit January 2020 that was deliberately released to harm him and the US, he was unstoppable. IMO.

It is interesting and at the same time concerning that CDC is now racing TRUMP to the point where they will be on record saying the vaccines are failed and dangerous…read how they are inching…they are reversing the mandates, and just dropped form their site the part saying the mRNA spike etc. goes immediate post shot. No, now that is gone from their site, vanished, for these bastards know they were lying all along, these evil beasts at CDC and NIH and Pfizer, and what I and others were saying (Patterson, McCullough, Bhakdi, Yeadon etc. was true all along). Trump best be careful as he may be left out in the cold holding the bag, and they will blame him for each death due to the vaccine! Be careful Mr. President.

This, POTUS Trump, is a fever for Fauci, Walensky, Azar, Hahn, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins, Birx etc. alone to sweat for, not you…you do not sweat for their coming fever! they lied to you and misled you! Do not let them take your high ground!!! Come out against it now! While you can!

The lockdowns and school closures devastated people and they do not understand why you still praise it, it failed, and killed many. The vaccines have been and were always a failure. You must stand against them and state NONE for children. No puffy language, no play with words…come out and be clear, you have no idea how much the nation will rally to your side, you will be unstoppable! The CDC and NIH etc. will blame you for all the deaths from the vaccine etc. If you came out and stood with us and decried these dangerous clot shots, democrats will vote for you, repubs will vote for you, independents will vote for you!

You made a mistake with the lockdowns and vaccines and we could understand as long as you say it and advise how you will seek to fix this. We are waiting. Stop praising the lockdowns or the vaccines Sir, they failed! You hurt your brand and legacy each time you do!