Sorry Rand, But Not Enough; we want all who did this COVID left in underwear ONLY, strip them of all their financial wealth, and those who costed lives, if it is proven their actions resulted in death

by Paul Alexander

Jail them! Yes, take all their wealth and jail them...all who benefitted from this COVID lie, all, we examine, we have proper legal hearings and all shown negligent and complicit, we jail them.

Sorry Rand, But Not Enough

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Sorry Rand, But Not Enough

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This is yet more theater from the Suck-It-Or from Ken****You.

This week marks the two-year anniversary of the COVID lockdowns. I join the American people in mourning the lives lost to this virus. I also mourn those we lost to the crushing and overbearing lockdowns and mandates that were based on junk science. 

The toll of COVID doesn’t stop there. We lost more than individuals. We lost our freedoms. Our liberties. Our vibrant small town Main Streets. Our children’s growth and learning. For two years our lives were held captive by petty tyrants and power-hungry bureaucrats. 

Senator Paul, along with the other 534 douchebags and both Presidents Trump and Biden, were the architects, cause and enablers of all of this.  Exactly zero of it could have happened without every one of those institutions, and I remind you that there is absolutely zero language in the Constitution permitting any of it.

That's right -- nowhere in the Constitution is there a "virus" exemption.

The country is still reeling from the economic fallout of the lockdowns, which didn’t work. A group of researchers at Johns Hopkins University released a report confirming that. The report is an extensive analysis looking at dozens and dozens of studies, which comes to the conclusion that lockdowns did not reduce mortality but were devastating to the economy.  

Some of us, myself included, pointed out that never in history has there been any evidence that any of these measures work.  Ever.  In fact not even forced vaccinations work.  Smallpox, a wildly more-deadly disease, in fact correlated outbreaks with vaccination campaigns.  That's right -- when you started jabbing people in response to cases the rates went up.

This sounds impossible but it has a very simple explanation; health care is a primary vector of disease and always has been.

People who are sick go to the doctor or hospital.  This concentrates exposure.

It's basic logic but every single ****face out there ignores it because were you to pay attention to it the entirety of the medical mafia, of which Rand Paul is a member, would be burnt to ashes within hours.

While the powers that be are just now starting to do away with mask mandates, we’ve known all along that cloth masks don’t work. 

Of course we've known.  Neil Orr's study published in 1981 anyone?

FORTY YEARS of knowledge that has stood since without refutation.

Never mind that they didn't work in 1918 either.  Why?  Because they can't.  Virons are carried on water vapor particles of the same size as cigarette smoke.  So if you can smell someone smoking with your mask on you are infected.  Likewise if someone smoking places a mask on before exhaling and you can smell the smoke they emit then their mask passed the virus through or around it just as it did the smoke.

Physics is not a box of 10 suggestions you pick and choose from for political reasons.  Yet that's exactly what Rand Paul and the rest have put in place and now wish to "slightly constrain" for yet more political theater.

Never mind the interventions that don't work either.  How is it that the most-vaccinated nations are taking huge spikes roughly correlated with their vaccination rates?  It should be the other way around, but it isn't.  Anywhere.  And again we knew this because the same thing happened with smallpox.

What finally controlled smallpox?  Improved sanitation.

A virus has to get to another host or it dies out.  Concentrating the virus where it can get to other people who are uninfected makes it worse exactly as you would expect and vaccination during an outbreak is stupid because the immune challenge during the latent period before protection always makes getting the disease more likely.

I got hammered with Covid not because I was exposed; I had been confirmed exposed more than a dozen times (at which point I stopped counting) and never got it.  When I suffered a nutso-level immune challenge due to being swarmed by yellow jackets and stung somewhere around 100 times then a concurrent exposure got through and nailed me.  There's a lesson in there for everyone but nobody wants to hear it: Concentrating exposures and immune-compromised individuals which is what any other health care response than a sanitarium model, which I insisted on in March and April of 2020, is going to kill people in size and vaccinating into an outbreak is always stupid and will also kill people in size.

The answer isn't what Rand proposes.

The answer in the general sense, and this is not Covid specific, is to make clear retribution will be taken against every single actor who pulls this sort of **** irrespective of whether it is disease or some other malady.  This means those who do this will pay personally and not be able to shift said liability to others as so-called "lawmakers" and "law enforcement" always does.

Nope -- you pay personally if you pull this ****; if the damage is economic you pay out of your pocket up to and including being left with nothing other than a pair of underwear to cover your genitals and if the damage you cause to others is death you die.

This means those who printed up credit and handed it out and caused the inflation we are now seeing -- all 535 members of Congress, both Treasury Secretaries, both Presidents and their families wind up roaming the streets in their underwear.  Their wealth -- all of it -- is confiscated to mitigate, to the extent possible, the damage.

And it also means that those who gave pharmaceutical and medical institutions liability waivers from criminal and civil sanction pay via personal capital punishment for every single death from the first that would otherwise have been exacted had those exemptions not been in place because nowhere in the Constitution does a virus give you a license to kill people through  negligence or worse.

The Constitution offers no protection for acts beyond its boundaries and I don't give a wet crap who claims otherwise.  Those parents who have put up with or even worse, themselves masked their kids and screwed them out of two years of their lives and education should be thrown in prison for felony child abuse.  They are monsters and I will never, ever forgive any of them nor those who ran the knowingly false narratives that led to said abuse.

Those who forced jabs on people are likewise monsters and must be financially and personally destroyed.  We have known for over a hundred years that this sort of campaign does not work because it can't and in fact we offer flu shots well before flu season for exactly this reason.  We know that if you vaccinate for the flu into an outbreak you will make it worse because during the latent period susceptibility goes up rather than down.  Likewise the same is true for every other vaccine which is why it is done prophylactically when there is no rampant disease in the population, not waiting for and then adminstered during an outbreak.

Then there is the fact that these modern "vaccine" technologies, never before used in humans, were not subjected to rigorous and known-required testing, have proved to be wildly more-dangerous than any others ever deployed and, in most healthy people, the data is now becoming clear that they're more-dangerous than the disease itself, especially in children.  Even Florida is recognizing this formally -- but we knew it early on and in fact both the government and medical mafia tried to hide the data for seventy-five years.

I remind you that nobody ever tries to hide good news; they always scream it from the rafters for obvious reasons.  The mere attempt to hide the data with court challenges is therefore sufficient proof that it contains more than enough information to have forced an immediate halt to the deployment and that such knowledge was present not only in the firms involved but also in the FDA and thus culpability extends directly into the government regulatory apparatus.

But don't worry America; Moderna and Pfizer merely have to have one of their CEOs show up and claim we'll need a fourth shot and the market price of their stocks will soar.  All the clotshot damage, on the other hand, is still immunized; why hasn't Rand demanded those mother****ers step up to the gallows and get their necks stretched along with those in the FDA who between them tried to hide said information for 75 years -- after due process of law and conviction, of course?

The medical mafia is alive and well folks, and if you don't want them to kill you then you need to make clear that you'll use whatever you can to bolster rather than harm immune response and if they try to stop you or force you to do stupid things you will stop them and the means are irrelevant as you are not their human plaything and experimental subject.

Likewise the economic mafia is also alive and well and they too must be held to account on a personal basis and economically destroyed for the destruction they served upon you, all of which you see right now in the grocery store and at the gas pump.

The rule of law, in short, has only a moral and ethical obligation to be observed when it applies to all; if it does not then the means used to obtain retribution are no longer important and I no longer care what someone who is aggrieved chooses as to time, place and manner.  Those who claim to make the laws can restore everyone else's respect for same any time they'd like by enforcing said law equally against everyone, including themselves and their favored industries and people.  Until that day I offer only toasts to those who decide they're done being someone else's patsy, whether economically or at the expense of their health or life, and make those who are and were guilty pay for what they did.

Enough with the politics, *******s.

The Constitution is not the 10 Suggestions.