SOURCE: How do you suspend a reporter for doing their job of reporting? This gets more bizarre. NBC…part of the

by Paul Alexander

We know it's about the 'message' to Russia so that China don't move on Taiwan, we get it, it's about semi-conductors, but we don't want nuclear war for that; STOP! you are endangering our children!

I stand corrected, not you, you have no idea where you are, it is the neocons and neolibs doing this. So stop! We know what you are doing. Stop provoking. Leave Russia and Ukraine to deal with each other.

Stop giving those people our tax money and give it to our American people who need it, help our poor people, fix the borders, stop illegal immigrants from entering, use our military if you have to, stop the drugs and Wuhan China Fentanyl from coming in, stop the crime on the streets, get the cost of living and inflation down, the surging prices, the cost of gas…focus on America. End the fraud HHS emergency declaration, stop the vaccine as it is driving the pandemic to continue. You are using the fraud failed mRNA Pfizer vaccines to keep the pandemic ongoing to justify the emergency declarations to justify mandates. We ‘get it’. Stop the madness.

I know you placed VP giggles there quite smartly for no one will move you to be replaced with her as she polled zero (0) even among democrats. She is the best insurance for you not to be replaced by the 25th for clearly Sir, in all respects to you and I am not disparaging you as others do, I am not. But you have never been up to the issues and the challenges and cannot stand on a global stage to confront what we are facing. I wish you the best as I do all, but what is best for this nation is not being done now. America is suffering and circling the drain by your decisions. Each decision you and the democrats have made since you took office, and under Obama, was devastating and never ever in the US’s best interests. Even Bush. How? Why? Why would a POTUS ever act against the best interest of the US?

I am no expert in anything. I am just thinking out loud and always wish to learn. I am troubled now by what is happening to the US.

Recent development and my opinion does not change, leave Russia and Ukraine alone.

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