South Africa cases today, remains flat, herd immunity, more recent omicron 5th wave never took off as you see; why? well, low vaccinate rates, younger population, early prophylaxis, innate immunity

by Paul Alexander

it is the innate (sterilizing) immunity by children, teens etc. that eliminates the virus and I/we beg, do as Africa did, DO NOT inject your children with this gene injection, let their innate 'train'

Before I handle the graph, I wanted to say again, until I learn more, I am convinced the COVID gene injections hastened the deaths and cut the lives short of the Queen and her husband.

South Africa continues to tell us what we have seen stably across the last year, this being low vaccination rate nations have lower infection, re-infection rates. High vaccine nations have high re-infection rates etc.

Remember, nature is trying constantly to establish equilibrium between virus and host and we have to mainstream the interaction between virus and host immune system. The host has to cut the chain of transmission, and to do it, the host can provide this via sterilizing immunity (innate and natural acquired adaptive immunity) as this vaccine cannot do it as the virus is largely resistant to the vaccinal antibodies (largely resistant to the potentially neutralizing antibodies with non-neutralizing antibodies dominating). Do not damage the innate immune system with these non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies. Leave the innate immune system to train via the innate antibodies (and natural killer cells (NK cells)), in our children. Stop this gene injection, leave the children alone.