South Africa infections, cases, deaths today: why has South Africa infections not spiked for the 5th wave due to omicron as per other nations? Or death curve? What is different about African nations?

by Paul Alexander

Was it early treatment or prophylaxis? Was it younger populations & baseline immunity? Was it low vaccine uptake? Did their children & their more 'trained' innate antibodies & immunity protect them?

We see that the waves come back to baseline (downward slope) and thus herd immunity is reached especially after the 5th omicron wave. You see that the peaks were getting higher per successive wave and getting closer together yet by the 5th wave something smothered the rise in infections/cases. What? Did their children and young persons with their innate antibodies training their innate immune system constantly, did this provide the capacity to clear out and eliminate omicron as we see in the 5th curve/wave?

I say yes to all the above! And I say natural immunity (innate and acquired-adaptive) is a key component of this protection.

It may well be that Africa has won! Let us still wait to see.