South Africa (SA): has trained innate immunity (antibodies) especially in young children (less VAXX) saved them? even against Centaurus BA.2.75 sub-variant? look at the recent wave, back to baseline

by Paul Alexander

Did India blink with so much vaccine? undercutting innate & it's natural immunity? IMO, 1st blush, SA may have benefitted by less VAXX, allowing it's children/young people INNATE & it clears out virus

It’s the vaccine, stupid, NOT the virus, that is causing the sharp increases in infections, and they are happening in the vaccinated.

I am in two minds now, as I am not sure if the public health people at CDC and NIH and WHO and even the vaccine people like Moderna (Bancel) or Pfizer (Albert Bourla) are just genuinely stupid and inept, purely corruptible and easily bought out, or are pure evil. I think it is the latter. Maybe some of all but the latter describes them to me now. They cannot be that stupid. These graphs tell a clear story, IMO.

Looks like Africa will win COVID and this fraud vaccine issue in the end!

I am trying to make sense of the graphs for the data and graphs are telling us a story. I am writing at a 50,000 foot level and not getting into the immunology and cell biology etc. Just making some initial observations on data today. Driving some debate.

I know you guys and gals here are very in tuned and smart enough to know more than the scientists out there, I have learnt this. I am so proud and inspired by people who are ‘thinking’.

The most precious GOLD standard immunity today belongs to a child in US or Canada or elsewhere that has not had the COVID injection and over 2.5 years, their innate immunity has been allowed to train, exposed to pathogen and COVID, and the innate antibodies doing what they do so well, that is sterilize the virus. The acquired -adaptive immune system also to some extent can sterilize the virus.

Early to tell the impact of BA.2.75 in India but India may have backed itself into a corner with the vaccine, even if not the mRNA platform. They were doing so well with a young base population and early treatment and preventive prophylaxis. Let us see but as you see in the graph below as of today I plotted, there is a blip increase. Let us see if this is idiosyncratic or a steady rise.

All high ‘vaccination rate’ nations now have surging infections as Vanden Bossche and Yeadon et al. have been saying, what I have been saying….the COVID vaccine that generates the spike (regardless of delivery platform or how it get’s made) with its greater vaccinal induced antibody specificity and binding affinity (high-affinity) for the spike antigen, is outcompeting and subverting the natural innate and acquire-adaptive antibodies (for the binding sites on the spike) that could sterilize the virus yet is being blocked. The induced vaccinal antibodies actually causes massive infection in the vaccinated.

It is not the virus that is more infectious, it is the non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies that do not sterilize/neutralize (stop infection or transmission) the virus yet still bind to the spike, that is giving the virus the greater infectious property, to the vaccinee. The result is antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) as well as antibody-dependent enhancement of disease (ADED); some call it antibody mediated viral enhancement (AMVE).

Importantly, the vaccinal antibodies subvert the innate antibodies for the binding sites on the antigen spike, and would present young children tremendous risk situations as their innate antibodies will not be trained and as such (blocked from binding to ‘live’ virus), the innate immune system would not be able to eliminate the virus the child is now confronted with, as well as a broad range of glycosylated viruses (shared similar sugars and patterns/glycans), and will be blocked from recognizing ‘self’ from ‘non-self’. This can be deadly to our children.

It is either the massive infectious pressure (circulating virus) has to be reduced (e.g. via anti-viral chemoprophylaxis) or the COVID vaccine must be stopped. Or people die in massive numbers. For in this disbalance, one of the three has to be reduced. We do not want the latter in any manner.

We continue to disregard the complex interplay between the virus and the host immune response and that it is the sub-optimal, immature, immune pressure from a leaky ‘imperfect’ vaccine that is causing the surges in infection, NOT the virus. The virus does not have this property.

And we argue we are placing selection pressure on the viral virulence now to the extent that we can drive the emergence of not only an infectious clade but a virulent lethal one. Humanity can be threatened if this failed fraud COVID injection is not stopped. Not even a ‘coming’ bi-valent vaccine (with a Wuhan and BA.4 and BA.5 spike) will work for it will once again be vaccinating into a pandemic (very different than vaccinating outside of a pandemic) with massive infectious pressure and will not hit the then dominant clade at that time the vaccine rolls out. So again, it will drive immune pressure on the spike and thus more infectious variants to emerge. This pandemic will last 100 more years with these failed vaccines and this inept, illogical, reckless vaccine policy by CDC, NIH, FDA, Pfizer, and Moderna. These people know exactly what they are doing, in effect, dooming humanity.


Centaurus BA.2.75